jungkook as a role model and hero of idols - a thread
bang chang, leader of stray kids, played euphoria during his vlive & said the song gives him a lot of strength. he also praised jk’s voice “jungkook-sunbaenim has a really nice voice. i’m a really really really big fan. i think he is incredible.”
kim taewoo from 1the9 was spotted holding a jungkook photocard in his phonecase
ateez' maknae and main vocal choi jongho, said that jungkook is his role model "he wants to be a maknae like him who is good at expressing the image of charisma and maturity unlike maknae"
jongho recommending euphoria in one of his lives and calling jungkook again his role model
duc ung, a member of the group d1verse revealed in an interview that jungkook is his role model "his ability to dance, sing and generally everything about jungkook is perfect"
taehyun of txt mentioned jungkook during an interview when asked if he studied any specific artist "it was jungkook. i think he has really unique, UNBEATABLE vocals. he has this incredible and diverse spectrum to his voice and i get inspired every time i listen to his songs"
rm also exposed him when he said taehyun got over 10 pics of jungkook alone on his kakao talk history (if he aint all of us...)
on, member of the rookie group t1419 said jungkook is his role model "he sowcases all-round abilities in performances, vocals and other aspects. i thought he's so cool and attractive in that aspect and i have hoped that i could be like him"
lee eui woong, leader of rookie group "yuehua boys" chose jungkook when asked who does he look up or thinks has the most manly vibe on stage
yoon hyungsuk, the main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist and maknae from cix said in an interview that jungkook was his favorite artist because of his voice and that he really likes his cover of iu’s “ending scene”
kang seokhwa, a former member of kpop group 'wei', said to kmedia that jungkook is one of his role models "those artists that i like from each group share in common that they are good at everything as dancer, vocalist and entertainer. i also want to be such all-rounder"
enhypen's leader, jungwon said during an interview "jungkook became my role model bc hes good at everything. hes very laid back on stage so i take inspiration from his relaxed expressions & strong vibes". he's expressed his admiration for jungkook since he was an iland contestant
dowon of n.tic stated "my role model is bts jungkook. he's called golden maknae and i wanted to follow his example in that aspect. i watch and keep track of his focus cams because i like his ability to seize the stage, and his gesture and dance"
wondae from dongkiz answered euphoria is the song he listens to before sleeping and that it is so good, when a fan requested him song recommendations to listen to in bed
youngwoong, member of the rookie group ‘24K’ said “i like jungkook sunbae-nim from BTS. He’s my role model and he inspired me” when asked by his fan what inspired him to become an idol
in an interview enhypen's ni-ki revealed that he always listens to euphoria. when asked who's the sunbae-nim he wants to dance with he chose jungkook so the host asked him to send him a video, where he said he likes jungkook so much
junji from onlyoneof said: "i think there are a lot of things to learn from bts jungkook sunbae-nim in terms of vocals & musical elements" he's watched jk's vids & cams a lot & felt his vocals are the most touching to him & that his voice color gives a feeling of sophistication
kim dong han said bts are his role models & that "jungkook sunbae-nim is a real sagikae. he's a perfect combination of vocals, dance and visual. its my goal to become like him". he also confessed he used to refer to jungkook in stage performance, looks, gestures and dances
kim junseo, member of 1the9 mentioned jungkook in an interview. he said "the singer who i want to do stage collab with is jungkook sunbae-nim. there's nothing he cant do. he's really awesome as he performs great on stage"
junseo also posted this video on the group's account singing euphoria
hayoung, member of trcng said jungkook is his role model and that "while his dancing and singing are perfect, he's so awesome in that he continues to devolop himself by learning, editing and songwriting"
jungkook was again mentioned by the korean group mxm as one of the sunbaes who they think are good at dancing. member young-min said that he thinks jungkook is a good vocalist as well
kingdom's main dancer, arthur, revealed he's fan of jungkook and one of his "biggest followers". his bandmate jahan also named jungkook as one of his role models who inspired him to pursue this career
astro's moonbin has said to like bts many times confessing he wanted to be closer to jungkook. during his birthday did a little video dancing with jungkook's bt21 character 'cooky', while member rocky recommended euphoria on their twitter acc as well
knk seungjun, ex bighit trainee, was asked to choose an aspect he'd like to have from bts' members and said "jungkookie sunbae-nim's voice" his bandmate, heejun, added jungkook's voice "is like honey"
seungjun also has declared that when he first met jungkook he looked so pretty, with "milky white skin" so he thought to himself that seoul boys are so good looking

(it is said he was who presented moonbin to jungkook during 2016 isac cuz he knew how much mb liked him)
shoot, a japanese idol and member of rookie boy group buddiis talked about jungkook on his official blog "he’s very attractive, considerate of his fans & amazing. he’s known to be good at everything, but to that degree, he works harder than anybody on his own part."
youngseo, main vocalist of bae173 stated during an interview that the artist that influenced him/his role model was jungkook and that he thought about becoming a singer and auditioned after watching his performance of save me
samuel kim confessed during a vlive that he likes jungkook and v the most among bts members and sang a bit of waste it on me and jungkook's euphoria
varsity's yunho & riho chose jungkook as the celebrity they want to get close with. yunho wants to do a show like celebrity bromance with him & added "his charisma on stage feels as if he would devour the stage is so awesome & its what i wish to hv. i want to follow his examples"
a member of myanmar’s boy group ‘project-k’ said jungkook is his role model to kmedia when visiting the country to learn about kpop
chiwoo, rapper and maknae from kingdom, named jungkook as one of his role models. he wants to be like him "who showcases the essence/a textbook of choreographies"
baikal's noah wrote on his profile jungkook's name as his role model too
at radio enhypen's heeseung was asked to send a message to jungkook since he mentioned him earlier and said "jungkook sunbae-nim i listen to your songs a lot. i always sing along. i want to talk about music with you while eating together". he also sang euphoria to one of his fans
enhypen's sunghoon mentioned jungkook in one of his interviews "i ran into jungkook in the company lounge once, and he was so friendly when i said hello to him, and i was so happy when he cheered me on"
junhyuk, leader, main dancer and lead rapper of rookie group mirae, mentioned jungkook when asked about his favorite singer and said he watched jungkook's videos when he first tried to dance. he also confessed he would love to meet him in person."
a little more on ateez it was seen during their season's greetings making video a laptop with jungkook's pic on it. member wooyoung has also declared euphoria is one of the songs he likes and listens to the most
hyun, vocalist of seven o'clock mentioned jungkook when asked as a fan, which celebrity did he like. to the question who was his role model/musician he would like to work with said "jungkook sunbaenim. i listen to his vid covers on yt everyday. i would like to meet him & say "hi"
james supa, a thai actor and singer said in his live that he's fan of jungkook and that he's his role model in singing for his powerful voice
jungkook was recently the most mentioned idol on produce "101 japan season 2" when contestants were asked who's their role model
zhenning lee, member of the chinese boy group unine, said he liked jungkook when asked which idol group did he like the most. he even called him "果果" (Guǒ guǒ), a cute nickname for jungkook
younghoon and eric from theboyz talked about jungkook during a live and stated he inspired both of them with his gcf videos to start filming and editing their own content like he does
wonhyuk, main vocalist & rapper of e'last covered jungkook's solo & posted on the group's offcl acc "today i sang still with you in the car. its jungkook sunbaenim's self-composed song that im really into these days! its perfect for a rainy day like today"
ju wontak from rainz also confessed jungkook is the idol he likes
hyoma, member of the japanese group superdragon revealed during an interview that jungkook is his role model and said "he is an artist other artists look up to with respect. i really admire him"
wish, member of the rookie group epex wrote in his bio that "jungkook-sunbaenim" is his role model because of "his powerful dance and mellifluous/sweet voice"
not an idol but ayanocozey show, leader and vocalist from the japanese rock band kishida posted this pic on his official account and captioned "jungkook's kombucha lemon has arrived"
roi, the main vocalist of the kpop group "target" added jungkook as one of the artists he admires when questioned about it during an interview
jungkook is constantly mentioned by media as a role model for countless idol hoobaes for his many talents on stage and off stage, "skills that most rookies aim to achieve", so thanks to this he gained the nickname of "hero of idols"
finally all due credits to @/JJK_Times & @/JungkookTimes for 90% of the translations, pics, videos. also to @/GoldenJKUnion @/jjktalents @/JJK_Artist & @/jeonfolders. they all are the best 💗💜
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