This somehow manages to not address any real solutions while complaining about EVERYTHING involving owning pets in a non helpful way, and ultimately going "guess I'll do nothing" So I'll address various panels of this comic in a more CONSTRUCTIVE way

Thread: https://twitter.com/voxdotcom/status/1387194409159118855
Let's start with food.

Low quality food full of fillers means MORE and LARGER poops.
Both of these are good sources that go over quality of foods PLUS consider sustainability. Poorly sourced salmon is notoriously non sustainable.
The obvious here is that maaaaayyyybe don't individually bag every single poop every day in non biodegradable bags. If you don't have a yard, get a mini trash can with a seal, put a biodegradable bag, and pick up poop using a scoop to place in. Toss when full.
It's good to consider sustainability, but literally it's maybe the giant corporations we should ask to improve things. But if you ARE gonna drop this you need to offer actual solutions.

MISSING is ANY discussion about, say, the environmental impact of outdoor cats on wildlife.
Okay, I have ISSUES with using a single GEOGRAPHER as the source for pet food consumption. Lots of kibbles are mostly made with byproduct so I'd question if it has much any additional effect past what humans already consume but 🤷‍♀️
Plus this doesn't consider anything past beef.
Again this is literally just based on a single source trying to solve an interesting math problem than trying to offer any solutions. It also doesn't account for what amount of meat is produced as a byproduct to human consumption.
When you say something like this you need to cite your sources ON the page and also offer a solution. I looked up the source and it basically says "all this unless you pick up the poop even if it's outside"

SO: Pick up your pet poop when you are outside. Use biodegradable bags.

But also, consider the sealable trash can option I mentioned.

2. There are TONS of non clay-based cat litters. Clay can also cause allergies or medical issues in cats so there are other positives to changing.
This is that same single source AND it's starting to sound might PETA. (They are anti ALL pet ownership).

Also? All pets eat and poop. ALSO plenty of other pets are less domesticated and require FAR more work to keep healthy. What the heck is this conclusion solving?
Well, I'm glad at least they didn't advocate a vegan cat diet BUT, they offered NOTHING so once again http://catfooddb.com  also rates foods on sustainability. If you are feeding your cat non meat fillers you are producing more poop. You can change to a more sustainable litter.
But most importantly and ENTIRELY ignored by this comic is the environmental impact of outdoor cats.


Keep your cat indoors. Spay and neuter outdoor ferals and consider making them a comfy barn or shed home. Outdoor cats do far more damage than some poop.
"feed your dog byproduct or make them vegan to save the environment!" Is 😬 Nothing wrong with sustainable veganism, but source where foods come from & if they hurt indigenous peoples. Look for SUSTAINABLE meats.
Don't kill your pet with poor food quality "for the environment"
Oh they actually did KINDA address this.

World's Best Cat Litter is a corn based litter that works well.

I also use $5 bags of wood pellets from Home Depot as a secondary litter. It is harder to train an adult cat to use it, but great to teach kittens.
I feel like this missed the point of the article that THEY SOURCED discussed the reason for poop being bad for the watershed is that rain washes it away and spreads bacteria, so a large outdoor compost could exasperate this. "Proper precautions" needs to be explained.
For being an article about not screwing up the environment they didn't do much research...

You shouldn't flush your pet poop unless you don't have any other options. Human sewage treatment plants are designed for HUMAN waste. Flushing pet waste puts wildlife at risk.
That's it???? That's it.

It offers almost nothing specific, fear mongers almost entirely off of one article, & actually offers a solution that's BAD for the environment without the obvious solution of using a trash can until it's full without using individual bags

I hate it
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