Just Taehyung being relatable -- a thread
Me when I'm writing an essay:
Me & my friends one night before exams:
Me going to restaurants regretting picking an item:
All damn time:
Me when I see YouTube Ads
Putting a photo card in a clear phone case!
HELP so me
Me watching recipes but not even tried to cook for once:
Me whenever the members posts:
Literally after classes/work:
When you're not in a good mood:
So so relatable
Me going to parties:
So true
It helps ngl 😭😭😭😭
Me when I see my favourite food
Me almost tearing up while asking for my favourite food:
Help me
Me when I'm broke
This is so relatable
While y'all are here Pre-save butter:

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Singularity anniversary in few days reminder:
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