Of course there's never an attempt to grapple with why Rogan has such a huge following. A big reason is his listeners know he's doing his best to figure out the truth without being captive to any orthodoxy, but, like him, they know his limits & appreciate his humility.
Liberals assume anyone who gets their news and info from any non-approved liberal elite sources -- NYT/WPost/CNN/MSNBC -- are stupid sheep who can't think for themselves. That's why they were shocked nobody called protective services after hearing Tucker: https://twitter.com/ErikWemple/status/1387204894361325568
(Sorry, the article linked in the first tweet is by @ShantMM, not @joerogan).
Exactly. Anyone who dislikes, maligns or thrives outside of liberal corporate media is treated like a reactionary no matter their actual politics: https://twitter.com/rimeslikedimes/status/1387213079629422594
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