I am putting forward some facts and request all to ponder over it without any political or other biases.

Let's see the chronology.

1. Till February 2021, all seem to be wonderful.

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2 The malls had opened, shopping centres restarted, schools were reopening and life was creeping back to normalcy in India.
3. The indian vaccine had been the "talk of the town" in the whole world with exports to 87 countries. Infact we were competing with China in most of the countries, as Indian vaccine gained more favour.
4. The farmer protests had almost died down and no major protests of any nature were happening in the country.

5. End February. The boundary talks with China have finally resulted in to some kind of negotiations.
6. March 2021.
There were some major arms deal signed and decision taken to manufacture a lot of equipment within the country.

7. 07 Apr- A major Maoist attack took place. A meeting called in Delhi to review counter naxal policy.
8. Between 10- 15 April. Within 5- 6 days, a huge wave hits India with unimaginable proportions completely overturning the situation.

9. Surprisingly no such Covid criticality in equally populated Pakistan and Bangladesh !!
10. By 20 April. By now whole international media jumps in to highlight inadequacies in Indian medical system and administration.Countries like Pakistan started talking of offering medical help to India.
11. 24 Apr. Glacier bursts takes place in Himalayan borders killing several people. Simultaneously articles appeared in the Chinese media saying India should not expect any more concessions on boundary talks.
Now the question is : Is this huge second wave, could be a result of a planned and carefully crafted biological attack by our adversaries to bring down our International standing and create internal unrest ???
(Please think over it with a cool mind and keep all political or other biases away.)
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