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Exactly two months back, on March 1, when I boarded the flight from Mumbai to Delhi, I was super excited as I was going to meet my parents after 14 months, the longest I had every stayed away from them. Pandemic was to be blamed for it.
I thought COVID19 had subsided and we could go back to leading about 25% of our ‘normal’ lives.

But that feeling was short lived. It was the calm before the tsunami. And we are where we are. Amid death and despair.
However, these two months away from my kids and spouse have once again made me realise how family is still the bedrock of our society (many may disagree, which is fine). Often we take our family and family members for granted.
To have my kids call me daily to share how their day was. Even though they are locked up inside our house in Mumbai, they don’t show (at least to me) any sign of boredom or anxiety. Rather they make me laugh, or still better, complaint about each other to me :-)
To have my spouse video call me daily so that I can talk non-stop about all the terrible news of the day and pour myself out and feel lighter (helps to marry a man of few words).
To have my mother, who lovingly ‘adopted’ me 16 years ago, call me and say: “बच्चों और घर की चिंता मत करो। मैं यहाँ सब संभाल रही हूँ! बस अपना ख्याल रखो!”
This pandemic is making us realise that the true wealth in life, apart from health, is our family.
If today we still have our family members around us, to love us, to flight with us, to criticise us, to chide us, to hug us, to video call us, to smile or cry with us, we are truly fortunate and blessed.

May you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.

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