A thought I am having as we hear about Josh Duggar being arrested for possession of child sexual abuse material (child porn): People are wondering why Anna isn't leaving (I wrote about this whole situation in today's post). But can I offer another thought experiment?
Imagine something with me. Imagine if, instead of investing so much money in top-notch church facilities, churches invested money in housing. And then they made that housing available for short-term stays (say up to 1-2 years) when abuse victims are getting on their feet.
That communicates: You have a place to live and a place to go. you aren't trapped.
But also: as a church we recognize that some people are going to need this housing.
That means that, as a church, we know that not all marriages are safe and not all marriages should continue.
We know that toxic relationships need to be broken. We want to stand by the victim.
If the church did that, can we see how abuse victims may feel more empowered to leave? How they may realize more they had a choice?
Just imagining today...
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