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Paraphrasing Berman: If Giuliani & Mukasey’s efforts succeeded in dropping the US case against Zarrab they would be helping Iran evade US sanctions.

See full quote below:

"Fruman and Parnas appear to have bought access to 'Trumpworld' by directing a six-figure contribution to Tommy Hicks Jr’s pro-Trump superPAC AMERICA FIRST ACTION through a shell corporation," says Brendan Fischer, an attorney with the CLC.

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Together w/ powerful Ukrainians Correia, Parnas, Fruman, Rick Perry (& his TX oil & Gas cronies), Pence, Tommy Hicks Jr., (“the money guy,”) who is the co-chairman of the RNC and pal of DonJr. are all involved in the attempt to takeover/control Naftogaz. https://apnews.com/7f97eac651e7ada92fed6480e70dce1b
On April 2, 2017 Louise Mensch sends a warning to Woolsey, Freeh & Flynn.

What happened that day?

Re: April 2 statement that the FBI investigation into the construction accident wasn’t related to the group or its employees but rather human trafficking & money laundering.
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