The strangest thing in the mentions in the last 24 hours have been the Arsenal fans touting Pepe. If my club spent 80 million euros on a guy with his numbers I'd be suing for fraud. A thread:
Since joining Arsenal, Pepe has 19 goals and 15 assists in all competitions... which isn't _awful_ over two seasons... but for that money? Then you realize that only 10 goals and 7 assists of that have actually come in his 3,433 Premier League minutes. 2/
His best accomplishment since coming to AFC is probably getting 'player of the group stage' in the UEL this year, which I guess is fair enough but he was playing against Dundalk, Molde, and Rapid Wien. 3/
Meanwhile, other clubs like Villarreal were resting their best players in the groups. Pepe played over 500 group stage minutes and contributed to 5 goals. Paco Alcacer, for instance, played 38 group stage minutes and contributed to 4 goals. Levels. 4/
To put the cost of Nicolas Pepe into perspective, he cost more alone than the entire XI that CVF started yesterday. A lot more. CVF's front three yesterday cost 43.5m, and this season Gerard has 36 all comps goal contributions, Paco 17, and Samu 13.

Pepe has 16. 5/5
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