this is what I mean when I say #ABOLISHMCUTIKTOK ; a thread
people who do shit like this. Tom Felton is a homophobic and transphobic man
I don't even know
the biphobia is over whelming
heres more
loads of people on MCU tiktok are bi but they still do shit like this. as someone who is bi, this makes me feel disgusted
objectifying people is not okay. get some help please
people who suffer from mental health issues shouldn't be romanticised and fetishised by people. its disgusting. yall will sexualise bucky being tortured and having nightmares but then thor went through depression yall made fun of him ?? okay
they speak of things they know nothing about
tw// p3d0phillia
absolutely disgusting
they hate so much ?? and for what ?? not only Peter, they hate sharon and carol just because they are strong independent women who don't need a man
sexualising pain is horrible but Peter is a minor
grow up please
just...I can't anymore
in regards to sexualising PTSD
you're allowed to dislike a character but the Sharon and Carol slander is repetitive; they are too cocky and arrogant SO IS TONY STARK BUT YOU ARE ALL OKAY WITH THAT
these comments are in regards to bucky k wording Tony's parents. this is messed up
here are a few POVs
I can't deal with this bs rn
heres another thread to go through
when I say #ABOLISHMCUTIKTOK I don't mean the creators that post amazing content like them. I mean people who fetishsize bucky and Peter in pain, those who sexualise minors and hate on women. not ALL mcu stans but some of them are misogynistic, racist and homophobic
I understand that mcu twt has their flaws too but the people who do this shit needs to apologise and right their wrongs.
since this is getting noticed im just gonna say that im on the good side of tiktok and I love it there. everyone is respectful and the people are amazing. every platform has their good and bad sides so don't hate on those that are good just because of the bad ones. respect ppl :)
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