_Naveen Pattanaik :Namaste Modi Ji, my apologies for calling you at 12.15 midnight. I was expecting Corona testing kits by tomorrow but some logistic issues arised and trucks carrying those kits are stuck in Mumbai now. We need them urgently._
- _I can understand. Please don't
worry, I will personally see to it and ensure it reaches your state capital sooner._
- _Thanks. But I need it by today morning, anyhow!_
- _Do you mean within next 6 hours?_ 😳
- _Yes, I insist, even before the sun rises today. Please get either Mumbai, Pune or Nashik Airport
opened for us, ask Air Force to get us one flight and we will airlift the kits to Bhubaneswar. Please don't let me down. Good night._

_Soon after this phone call last night, PM's office went busy to make it happen. When one CM is willing to serve his people at any cost, the PMO
can't let him down. Many calls were made, orders were typed and then faxed to various officials and establishments. Arrangements were being made in a great hurry._
_And guess what - Nashik airport was temporarily reopened in the midnight to make an Air Force flight land, load
testing kits and fly to Bhubaneswar. The flight delivered the kits in Bhubaneswar Airport and then took off to Air Force base._
_When the sun was rising in Odisha today, many government vehicles were already on roads, driving to different destinations carrying those kits
_*That's how #NaveenPatnaik is working to protect his state people from Covid19.*_

_*And this is how #Modi ji and PMO is working 24x7 to help and facilitate resources to all states in India._*
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