Yes, everyone has been saying to stay optimistic and we will come out of this stronger. But until when? My mental health has started taking a toll seeing such helplessness all around. Yes I am worried about my parents' well being and I'm afraid as everyone else is.
I'm searching for hopes in articles. My google searches are "when will second wave peak in India", "When will this pandemic end?". The articles aren't give me any ray of hope. Tired of seeing grief all around. People doing black marketing, charging in excess for everything are
making it more difficult for everyone.
There are people who have been working selflessly to serve this world. But some people who are looking to make profit out of someone else's grief are making it difficult for all of us.
Everything will be left behind. The deeds, the money.
I still fail to understand how people can sell fire extinguishers in the name of oxygen. This post is negative I understand, but I'm searching for hope. I'm tired of seeing this grief and I can't even feel what families must be going through who have lost their loved ones.
Their are children who have lost both their parents. Their are parents who have lost their young children. My heart goes out to them. I simply want to see a ray of hope. Everyone wants to see that.
I talked with one of my medico friends 2 days ago. He said -
"We all were optimistic when this pandemic started. We were confident that we will find a solution, we will beat this. But now, we are just going with the flow waiting for all this to end.
We have not given up, we are still fighting, but we are tired"
What is the hope that we can look forward to? When is this grief going to end? There might be no certain answer. But there could be some hope.

@netshrink sir and @DrParulSharma1 ma'am, will appreciate your thoughts on this thread. 🙏
Everyone that I know has been trying to amplify leads and help others. But everyone is getting tired of listening a "No" from hospitals for beds, ventilators , everything. Still trying. Still hopeful. Still standing. Stay safe everyone 🙏

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