I’m still mad about the time my Jewish summer camp said they had invited a Palestinian to come speak to us about the Palestinian perspective, allowed 400 kids to yell at this one person for 40 minutes, and then she took of her scarf and was actually an Israeli the whole time.
I have an extremely clear memory of the palpable rage in the room.
this wasn't some random ass camp, either, it was a USCJ program and it was the place where I was subject to radical anti-Palestinian propaganda every year. When I look back on my experiences, all the most extreme ones happened there.
Lotta people in the replies saying they don’t understand and asking why they did this and I really,....

are you unclear what propaganda is? Are you unclear what brainwashing is?
I figured it out: Plenty of the responders don’t understand what’s fucked up about an Israeli dressing up like a Palestinian in order to stoke anti-Palestinian hatred in Jewish teenagers before saying, “LOL I’m actually one of you, do you see the crazy things those people say!?”
For the people replying to me trying to explain it to me, the problem is that you don’t understand why it’s extremely horrible that an Israeli would impersonate a Palestinian. Full stop.
Man, white Americans really believe the “both sides” shit and that’s why yall think that it’s harmless for an Israeli to dress up in ostensible blackface to propagandize to Jewish teens holy shit
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