I keep seeing "OMG people just don't want to work" posts about fast food jobs & I just want to know why anyone would think artificially low wages, no benefits, terrible schedules & a high rate of asshole customers would breed job loyalty. Make it make sense
I worked in food service for 2 weeks. It was a terrible job, I hated everyone & everything associated with it. People treat food service workers like crap & those jobs pay less than retail. So all the "Want to get paid more? Get a better job" rhetoric? Yeah so...that's happening
People who could find better jobs are doing so. Or going back to school to do so. Because the way essential workers were treated during this panacetta...listen, let's be happy they got new jobs & didn't start a food poisoning epidemic instead.
Personally I am astonished more fist fights have not broken out, because bad pay, bad schedules & bad customers in a pandemonium? 19 year old me would have been throwing everything including the counter at the anti masker who yelled in my face.
Also at some point we will acknowledge the people serving the breakfast rush were never kids right? Like...full grown adults are pretending that the person handing them their Dunkins at 10 am is 16. No. Stop lying. You yelled at an adult about cold foam. Of course they hate you.
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