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In order to understand why what the Liberals are doing is outrageous, you need to understand that the sexual misconduct scandal is actually two different scandals.
The first scandal is the one inside the armed forces, where too many of our service members — not all of them women, but many of them — are subjected to harassment and even outright sexual violence by fellow service members, and can't access justice or find protection. +
I'm not going to expound on this at length, because there are smarter people who have said it better than I could. But this is the first scandal: the one inside the CAF, the one that has been carefully and recently studied, and the one that needs actions.

That's Scandal 1. +
Sajjan's tapping of Arbour to do another damned report into this is mostly for show. A distraction and diversion. To the extent that it does have any positive effect — there will be SOME, I'm sure — it will be limited to Scandal 1.

Now let's talk Scandal 2. +
The second scandal isn't inside the Armed Forces. It's not one that was studied in recent years. It's not one that the new study will examine. It's a political scandal, a failure of political leadership, inside the PMO.

It. Is. Not. The. Same. Scandal. As. Scandal. 1. +
Scandal 2 is that an allegation of misconduct was brought to the PMO, via the Minister of National Defence, through a proper channel. And they buried it.

They've tried to deny this, or pretend they didn't know it was about. But that's bullshit and that's objectively clear now. +
Under examination at various times, senior Liberals, in both Defence and the PMO, have now acknowledged that they were told. There's been a lot of buck passing, but that's just spasmodic at this point. The truth is out. +
Once it was clear that there was no way to deny that senior officials knew about the allegations, there was a brief, adorable attempt to pretend that the government didn't know that they were MeToo allegations. But, like, gosh. That had already been publicly confirmed. +
Global News already has the documents on that. In internal communications, the allegations against Vance were being openly discussed as concerning "sexual harassment."

The government's latest defence didn't just die a quick death. It was stillborn.

Again, folks, we don't need any smoking guns here. The facts are now in fully public view:

1. Defence and PMO were told.
2. They knew it was a matter of sexual harassment, or at least OUGHT to have known — not knowing at this point would be negligent.
3. They did nothing.

That's the second scandal. It's a political scandal, entirely contained within the Trudeau government, at a high level. Indeed, all the way up to the highest level — the PMO.

They were told. They knew. They discussed it internally. And they buried it.

There's a lot going on in the world right now, to put it mildly. The closest hospital to me has a field unit now. The next-closest hospital almost ran out of O2 yesterday.

I don't blame anyone for being focused on other things.

But remember: the PM is COUNTING on that.

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