Thread: Nepal is at #COVIDEmergency tipping point.

Govt statement today grim:
‘situation unmanageable.’

Yet, potential rapid case spikes across Nepal next 2 weeks.

All eyes on India, but Nepal desperately needs help now to prevent worst of 2nd wave
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Nepal #COVIDEmergency

Kathmandu Valley New Cases
🔺29 April: 1,571

🔺30 April: 2,956

(Details: )

>500,000 people, most likely majority if not all untested for COVID, left Kathmandu to go home to various parts of the country in the last 4 days.
#NepalCovidSOS Hospitals already full.

Not just in Kathmandu, but in all current hotspots in Nepal.

What happens when need grows & new hot spots emerge?

VIDEO from Kathmandu today:
Medic explaining to patient in ambulance there is no space in the hospital 👇🏼
Despite @mohpnep saying situation now unmanageable, there is a LOT it, @PM_Nepal @IshwarPokhrel @thenepalesearmy could do. Eg:
▪️Door-to-door tests & vaccination
▪️Rations+medic check on streets & in homes
▪️Open safe shelters for newly homeless
Experts surely have more ideas.
These projections by @Bish_Bhandari, & also the ones by @mohpnep, both paint a grim picture for Nepal.

Today, @mohpnep essentially said situation is out of their control now.

Private Hospitals are already overwhelmed.

Nepal needs help. #nepalcovidsos
The Health Minister @mohpnep was correct to say in his @NepaliTimes interview this #COVIDEmergency is also a product of communities & politics.

What is this fatal obsession w/ wedding ceremonies & parties & festivals right now?
Or sporting events?!
“Well, let me put it this way, we did 16 tests on one machine, and 10 of them were positive”.

- a PCR test lab staff i just spoke to in Kathmandu told me this just now, when I asked her how many positive cases per 100 today.
Govt made a HUGE mistake by allowing weddings in Kathmandu during partial lockdown, when contagion rate is at PEAK.

Weddings with 30 ppl (15 groom side, 15 bride’s is how people are doing it) is asking for trouble.

END it now @mohpnep. Many happening & planned for weekend.
Stop Weddings & Festivals.
Resume Vaccinations & add testing!

@mohpnep must take the lead in figuring out how to do this immediately— be it door to door, or ward by ward.

This is not only doable, it is what needs to be done immediately.
@IshwarPokhrel @thenepalesearmy @PM_Nepal
Without global assistance, this can quickly spiral out of control.
We really are in a very precarious point now.
#nepalcovidsos #nepalcovidinfox #COVIDEmergency
The Prime Minister spread misinformation, hobbled prep, became a super spreader openly defying govt rules.

He set Nepal up for what may be catastrophic COVID tragedy soon.

The @PM_Nepal should resign.

But a scary different kind of resignation today: Govt throws in the towel...
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