A series of concepts and approaches to Mutazione's Cloud Island.
The first cloud island sketch from 2013. The crude sketch to the right shows the island surfacing above a foggy cloud.
Cloud island weather and cloud concepts from 2013, which was not that far from how it looked in the first garden update. (maybe apart from the fog)
When we decided to finally add cloud island to the game and turn it to one of the gardens in 2018, I tried to "upgrade" cloud island with more stuff. However that never felt right and eventually I circled back to the simplicity of the first sketch.
The main challenge was to keep the original simplicity and still provide soil types for all plants, since we decided to release cloud island as the first garden of our garden update.
to finish off this thread, the trailer I made for the first garden update, featuring cloud island. It's more than a year old now, but I still like looking at it: https://twitter.com/i/status/1229426088276873219
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