It seems to me that opinions that would have marked you out as an enlightened liberal 30 years ago - indeed, 10 years ago - are now being castigated as unacceptable, even 'far right'. This is absolutely bonkers
E.g. my parents when I was a kid thought of themselves (rightly) as enlightened. I remember them hammering it into me that 'skin colour doesn't matter, ignore it, treat black people exactly the same as anyone else'. This would now be attacked as 'colourblind racism'
They were scrupulously tolerant about homosexuality, with the same message: 'don't stare at the men holding hands, they're just the same as anyone else except they love different people, just treat them like anyone else'. But the idea you can declare yourself a different sex...
Their view was: we're on the Left because working people get shat on & must combine to protect their interests, people's race or sexuality is their own business & ultimately unimportant, just treat people on their merits & don't be prejudiced towards those who are different
I think of this as the Left's 'Good Old Cause'. It's gone from the standard view of most of the Left to being seen as dangerous almost overnight. It's more accurately referred to as the good and very dead cause. I despair
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