White people cannot experience racism.
What the dictionary defines racism as is inadequate because racism is a sport of power, there is too much depth and too many layers to racism to be fit onto a single page let alone a paragraph.
Racism without institutional power can do very little. Black people and people of colour cannot define the terms of the existence of white people.

Black people and people of colour cannot limit opportunities for white people, they simply do not have and have never had the power
Sure they can call you slurs like cracker, culture vulture, mayo monkey etc, but those have held no power because in the end all which matters is white perception. After all, white people dominate media and business, thus society. Only what they allow to hold power can hold power
The discrimination of white people from black people and people of colour holds no power over white people, therefore it cannot be racism. It can be defined as an intolerance, prejudice or a phobia of white people at most.
White people have not allowed black people and people of colour to have enough power to be racist towards them. They are the very reason that they themselves cannot experience racism.
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