We're appalled by @ukhomeoffice @SercoGroup's treatment of an asylum-seeking family this morning.

Imagine how you'd feel if this happened to you.

At 8.15am family were told they'd be moved at 10am. They're now in a cab and have no idea where they're going - kids are in tears.
The driver doesn't know where he's taking them either. He's just been told to 'drive north', and hasn't been given a postcode. In the back of his cab he has multiple vulnerable asylum-seeking families, with children who were supposed to be in school today.

This isn't a one-off.
This is systemic. It's happening every single week, to asylum-seeking families and individuals, to victims of trafficking and modern slavery. The asylum seekers we support are completely exhausted by @ukhomeoffice and its subcontractors' inhumane treatment of them and so are we.
How many daily breaches of @ukhomeoffice @SercoGroup @mearsgroup and Clearsprings Ready Homes' own asylum support contracts during the Operation Oak dispersal scheme can there be before anyone at these organisations actually incurs a penalty for their actions?
Update - the family have just been dumped in dirty accommodation two hours outside of Birmingham, without even being told their address. We had to help the mother work out where she and her children had been taken by using Google Maps.
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