BBC Radio Scotland have contacted Mental Mechanics to ask if anyone can go on air to speak about the David Cox incident last night and why #MentalHealthMatters

President Fin Anderson and Player/Coach Gordon Blake are expected to go on air around 1235 this afternoon. Tune in!
Obviously it’s nice that once again the BBC have asked us for comment in regards to mental health & football

However, I’m sure we can all say what was alleged to have been said to David Cox is a travesty

Hopefully this is a learning experience for all to never use such language
For anyone that’s struggling with mental health or last night’s incident then check out @BackOnside & our the fantastic official partner @suppinmindscot. Our DMs are also always open

Mental health matters. End the stigma behind mental health. #mentalhealth #MentalHealthMatters
Last night’s incident should not have happened in 2021.

The next interview is not an interview we should have to give

But tune in anyway - Gordon and Fin will be fantastic interviewees and will give @davidcox17389 their full support.

BBC Radio Scotland, 1235.

/end thread. KB
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