" #NagornoKarabakh itself declared its affilliation to #Azerbaijan and #Stalin announced 1920 that #Armenia abandons any claims on the region"
This is what an official document, a brief summary of the #Artsakh conflict, claims.
They do not provide a source for that. Not even a date when exactly #NagornoKarabakh apparently declared that is part of #Azerbaijan. Going by the events described before and after this sentence, they must believe that it happened between 1917 and 1920.

Just - it did not.
I have made them aware. Twice. They changed some of the 20+ other factual flaws in that one-pager, but not this one. They repeatedly did not substantiate this sentence or even argue why it is not amended. They just categorically wrote:
"In this short format, there is not enough room to have a historic debate or a discourse in international law and we do not provide sources or literature references for this".

This is coming from the SCIENTIFIC SERVICE of the German parliament.
As a scientist, this really bothers me. I have spoken to about 20+ experts from 10+ countries on this point by now - including from #Armenia and #Azerbaijan. No one ever heard of an apparent declaration of #NagornoKarabakh to be part of #Azerbaijan at that time.
The "one-pager", which is used to give MPs a first insight into what the conflict is about is stating something very crucial as a fact without substantiating it that goes AGAINST the scientific consensus.
The scientific service of our parliament rejects science, one could say.
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