Over the last few years, most of my reading has been books I've been *really* excited about -- excited enough to buy shortly after release.

This meant I didn't spend a ton of time reading, but that was fine, I had other things to do.

Pandemic changed that, of course.
During pandemic, I hooked my e-reader up to my library card and started churning through books at my old high-school pace.

This means I've been reading a lot of things by authors I haven't heard of, things I've seen recommended just once by a friend or a twitter thread, etc.
And... Gosh I'd forgotten just how many bad books there are out there?

Like, I was really excited to find a bajillion new authors and new series. And I've stuck with my "non-white or non-men" preference for authors, to bring variety to my white-male-dominated genres.
But I just keep being disappointed. Over and over I keep picking up highly-recommended books and coming out the other side feeling... well, nothing. They don't thrill me, exhilarate me, make me cry or laugh... they just pass the time. And poorly, at that.
I dunno, I'm probably saying this because I just finished yet another disappointing book and it's 1am so I have no filter.

How much of this is my tastes changing? How much of this is pandemic dulling all emotions? How much of this is me being a snobbish ass?

I dunno.
Anyway this doesn't really have a point. Just, like, I want more books like This Is How You Lose The Time War; like Record of a Spaceborn Few; like Ancillary Justice. And in fantasy, too, please? I'll take reccs if ya got 'em.
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