To overcome with the pandemic & tough times, would like to share few important shlokas from VAK Magazine, Chilkur Balaji Mandir, Hyderabad.
Pls chant following shlokas 28 times whenever you get free time:
Om Hrushikeshaya Namah - For overcoming bad habits
Om Vashat Kaaraya Namah - For Success in Business, Interviews, Visa Interviews, Building Relationship
Om Sreemathe Namah - For Handsome Appearance & Wealth
Om Aksharaya Namah - For Education & better Financial strength.
Om Paramatmane Namah - For Self employed people, for Promotions & Success in games
Om Bhootabhavanaaya Namah - For better health
Om Putaatmane Namah - To remove mental stress & for mental peace
Om Sharmane Namah - For Job Satisfaction
Om Bhootaadaye Namah - To amend soured friendship or any personal relationship
Om Dhaatre Namah - For issueless couple
Om Vidhaatre Namah - Pregnant ladies to chant for healthy babies
Pls chant the below 108 times:
Om Stavistaya Namah - To keep Evil forces at bay
Om Pushkaraakshaaya Namah - For overcoming bad times
Om Naarasimha Vapushe Namah - In moments of distress & despair
Om Kshetragnaaya Namah - For aspirants of plots & own residence
Om Jyotishaampataye Namah - For good eye-sight
Chant this for 28 times:
KaartaVeeryaArjuno Naama Raaja Baahu Sahasravaan |
Tasya SmaranaMaatrena Gatam Nashtam Cha Labhyate ||
Pls chant this to locate lost objects, persons & belongings
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