#FarmersProtest enters day 156

1. Farmers seeking higher compensation for their lands that will be acquired for Delhi Katra Highway have blocked Patiala Highway. They are approaching Captain’s house & have been stopped by police.
2. Police is constantly warning them about Action for flouting Covid Norms But farmers maintain that they will go to captains house and will talk to him. Water cannons are in place as well.
3. Punjab has successfully crossed 100 lakh metric tonne (LMT) in wheat procurement despite several challenges, especially the ongoing second wave of amid the pandemic.
4. Cotton farmers in Malwa have threatened wide protests if canal water is not restored. Cotton requires lot of water and Sirhind canal and Kotla branch canal have been running dry for over a month now. Administration was not reachable for comment on reason.
5. Farmers are getting vaccinated in the Mandis. Around 8400 farmers who had come with their produce in the Mandis have been vaccinated as of this day.
6. SKM has said that it will celebrate Gurpurab today at the Morcha. Punjab govt will be celebrating Gurpurab online with captain joining for ardaas. SGPc meanwhile has sought relaxation in Covid norms during Gurpurab.
7. In Rohtak, the All-India Kisan Sabha (AIKS), Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) and Khet Mazdoor Union (KMU) announced that it would observe Labour Day on May 1 jointly to strengthen the farmer-labourer unity.
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