Does anyone have any idea what Amazon’s total carbon footprint is? Does it yet consume as much energy as any small country? Seems to me it’s only fair to frame it the way we frame bitcoin energy consumption?
Amazon says it will be entirely reliant on renewable energy by 2025. For amazon this makes its horrendous carbon footprint deemed ok - but when bitcoiners say the same thing about bitcoin: not okay (as the power could be used for more important things like amazon packages)
The logic is we got by without bitcoin to this day hence it is unnecessary energy use. But hey, we also got by without having all our shopping delivered to us and information streamed to us - and used to get up off our arses to do such things.
We also used to make far more sensible bundled/scaled shopping plans rather than buying a single item and expending all that energy (packaging and delivery) to have it delivered to us one item at a time.
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