I am in oldest/biggest femicide/genocide in history via AI & based on nazi research. 55+ years. With the Gates chip via Covid test/vaccine you'll join us.

1. "FBI Ted Gunderson affidavit",
2. "CIA Robert Duncan matrix deciphered",
Dr Rauni Kilde the ex-Finnish Surgeon General explains both the remote torture of whistleblowers, dissidents etc. As well as how old these technologies are:
Booz Allen (my and funnily enough Snowden's old employer) has a whole web site dedicated to Directed Energy Weapons or DEW including announcing upcoming conferences etc. So these weapons are real and not conspiracy theory. Enjoy: https://www.boozallen.com/expertise/engineering/directed-energy.html
Eminent monsters: A Manual for Modern Torture https://ugetube.com/watch/eminent-monsters-a-manual-for-modern-torture_SK8jFghSkqnUncO.html?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=20745b58652697cf22dc5d60f8e33d17da9b425d-1608760162-0-AVmt_d1G5vgnP1EjMuE4_yrhFQiYeWsG9J707gPrI-tJJ41SH2xjNrC4RcgzPEu3tUd5FCyIaRUju5ha6ZXgb3AWu9WsbYnaO4Gf0QxaOJK_ZfDRIATQ6hroDrAf49YHGZfeQZ6i-gVaOdXk1D_PdfH48LWroK7xNOmW96fnPhY1JQ3Ee48hsX9Pd7VXciRWkMrTwkMS0GQhwnAa2XIE4Rmq5ObPypZmr3rS9mbo-CxhePfKoUvpB15ZcX99foH8daNx3HZuNHS9wLqAPlsiNflclfhKcov7dojokIanuunGkWx4_whSAluD0hyygEmmrq5O4dNFOoXkZPk_hbhhmxF_QcUPpPqa5XOlDEN6msrrck5W5IxMk6isp64DLQzImHFFcsLbFl5Q7FzQZ-MSHYqEoMxzl2U_dpuD9j1bN0tSwTsqa5rIQOvhvqhXIPMKEsXUkPPV3TDraP6WqjNCLLQ
Any 1 rich, famous or powerful is involved. Ditto their lackeys (drs, academics etc) & enforcers

CIA child sacrifice:

Angelina Jolie:

Kippy Isaacs about Hollywood:

Hunting humans:
Hollywood debauchery, Luciferianism, human sacrifice and more insider information about the global elites.

This is how they are controlled by the illuminati.

This is a MUST SEE by all. It's the full interview of an ex Freemason cop who pulls together everything that's happening and how the elite/Freemasons/Vatican/Satanists tie in together. These are the folks behind NWO.
5 Eyes: The genesis of the fascists who run the global AI femicide/genocide, spread Nazism via NATO & are bringing in the NWO to a country near u. But MSM assures u they are all innocent & saintly. Attacked by icky ppl w a hue cos "they hate our freedom" https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-56284453
White House Announcement regarding AI for Americans.

FBI whistleblower dating organized stalking back 70 years and also talking to anti-muslim police training as the causal driver in so many muslims being targeted.

Google "DARPA human experimentation Lisa Mattocks" for power points on post AI hell:

CIA human experimentation:

Johns Hopkins confirms you can be vaccinated via the PCR test. https://twitter.com/Sandronique/status/1362436628963348486?s=19
This video about the Pentagon does a great job of showing who is behind our AI trafficking/femicide/genocide, how they think/see the world as they commit this unspeakable evil upon us - truly the worst atrocities committed in human history.
MI5's Dr Barrie Trower, a physicist who worked for the intel agencies, on the horrors of microwave weapons & how they have been/are used by govts w impunity to destroy innocent ppl. He also dates the weapons back to 1950's. So they've been in use 70 yrs:
DARPA avatar project links your mind to a digital world
MK Ultra 2020 remote mind control through Amazon CIA cloud computing electronic brain link:
Sentient world brain simulation of human consciousness:
US military intelligence officer Julianne McKinney on electronic harassment, microwave weaponry and mind control
1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors Have Filed a Lawsuit for Violations of the Nuremberg Code | Soren Dreier https://sorendreier.com/1000-lawyers-and-10000-doctors-have-filed-a-lawsuit-for-violations-of-the-nuremberg-code/
HAARP is the infrastructure for AI hell. Unbelievable.

This ties geoengineering in with AI hell.
Thread explaining the gender apartheid being carried out by 5 Eyes & NATO last 70 yrs via AI/DEW/VR. In case u bought narratives abt saving women in places like Afghanistan. At least there if they leave country they are safe, as long as they avoid West. https://twitter.com/sooverthis123/status/1406017506649772033?s=19
Pentagon neurologist gives lecture about the new battlefield: The brain.
Fascinating account of gangstalking that resulted in the publication of the story:
CIA 's Dr Robert Duncan on AI (he mentions everything from crossing humans with animals to doing work for MI5/6, proving again the UK runs the Deep State/the planet). Funny tho there is no mention of getting our consent to mind rape or mind control us.
In the previous tweet, Dr Robert Duncan who has made a living on these grotesque projects mentions how rare empathy is among humans. So it's not just my observation after 58 yrs travelling planet at bottom of caste system. It's also science. & the Bible w all the wicked mentions
Since all the YouTube videos I posted at the top of this thread (about the Satanism among those behind this AI trafficking to death Auschwitz, child trafficking, Epstein's island etc) have been deleted, here are 3 new 1s that can still be seen. https://twitter.com/sooverthis123/status/1433057219994603520?s=19
To understand things that are happening on the planet incl NWO, pls watch Altiyan Childs' expose abt Freemasons/Satanists:


It's 5 hrs long & involves all the rich, famous & powerful. It confirms alot of what I've been saying & fills in some gaps too.
Smart meters: I don't know if this is the tech they are using to livestream us 24/7. But these record u 24/7 & it's all stored, just like yr internet activity so if u become a person of interest, it can all be retrieved. Rolled these out in 2006 in US.
Your DNA is required to determine your frequency which is needed to attach you to AI.
The Masons are part & parcel of the Jesuits. This is an interesting documentary abt the nefarious Jesuit pedo Satanists who run world fr The Vatican (DS also incl The trillionaire Windsors too).

Lots of evil & goal for world domination explained. 3 hrs
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