The worst thing about anime fandoms online is all the racist, homophobic weebs that come out of the woodwork whenever BIPOC and LGBT+ people in fandom enjoy themselves.
Black cosplayer: *exists and cosplays an anime character*
Racists in anime fandoms: "Your cosplay is inaccurate! You look ugly! (Racial slur and/or other racist comment)."
POC artist: *draws/edits a character to racebend them or color them darker for fun*
Racists in anime fandoms: "This harmless art/edit bothers me immensely for some reason but I'm not racist!" *takes the art/edit and turns it into a racist caricature*
Lgbt+ person: *headcanons characters as lgbt+, ships anime characters of the same gender*
Homophobes/transphobes: "Sorry to burst your bubble, SJW, but that character is straight! That character isn't a (transphobic slur). Stop bringing your politics into anime!"
(can't find a youtube video covering this last one but I'm sure you know what I mean, crap like what I talk about in this thread)
Anyways I've been wanting to rant about this for a while but I think I've just been hesitant to because bigoted anime dudebros legit make me anxious but I'll just mute this bad boy if this thread blows up lol
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