Supreme Court Bench led by CJI Ramana hearing plea filed seeking directions regarding Covid treatment and medication.

Bench: You’re a doctor?

Petitioner in person Suresh Shaw. No I’m not.

Bench: What’s your knowledge about covid?

#Covid19 #SupremeCourt
Shaw: Petition is based on scientific papers, not my knowledge.

CJI: You’re not a doctor, medical student or a scientist. What’s your knowledge of covid! What’s your qualification?

Petitioner: I have Masters in commerce.

Bench: Commerce?
#Covid19 #SupremeCourt
CJI: You want to prescribe covid medicines to whole world? A commerce student will teach medical professionals all over the world how to treat covid? How much cost should we impose for such frivolous plea. We’ll impose cost of 10 lakhs for this.

#Covid19 #SupremeCourt
Petitioner: I am unemployed.

Bench: This is a frivolous plea filed who doesn’t have any any knowledge about the subject.
#Covid19 #SupremeCourt
Bench: Petitioner wants us to Direct what type of tests and treatment has to be conducted for treatment of covid. We’ll impose cost. Yes how much cost should we impose?

Petitioner: I only have 1k in my account.

Bench: We impose cost of 1k. Dismissed. #SupremeCourt #Covid19
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