Here we are
living the rest of our lives
on social media.
Where it’s only as lonely
as your next tweet.
Will this be the last #time
that my heart leaks
& my brain snaps open?
Sharing too much
or not enough is but one
thought that bowls me over.
Here we are.
What’s next?
I see stars when I fall
through the moon.
Coming out the dark side
way too soon.
A galaxy of words stuck
in my crawling mind.
Dancing through a comet
just to rewind.
#Abandon all hope
ye who enter here.
Swollen eyes share space
with each passing year.
#poetry #vsspoem #poet
In the #twilight of my despair,
a saturnine voice quips,
"Why, in this garish nightmare,
have you decided to appear?"
I look down and see my hand
has turned into a spoon.
I use it to dig a tunnel
and build a new cocoon.
One day I'll become
a butterfly.

#poetrylovers #vsspoem
Imprints lead to isolation
Crawling on my knees
I leave a #footprint
Laws of desolation
Trigger happy epithets
I leave my sorrow
In the hands of the
Muse of shadows
I return to triumph
Weaving yesterdays
Into submission
Don’t look for me back there
I‘m gone tomorrow
a million ways to suffer this
#variation in my weakness
seems like repetition
the days all run together
when you should be happy
yet feel despair, gasping for air
it's not so hopeless as it seems
some days are worse than bad dreams
refuse to give up & fight.
#vsspoem #poetry
I fly through the sky
on a high, then crash
down down so fast
I #fiddle with the speed
decide to free fall
what will be, will be
landing in a cloud
of spun cotton
tasting so carefree
like I wish to be
but not today
and not this night

#vsspoem #poetry #poetrycommunity #poets
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