Let’s talk medical apartheid, a thread

Israel has administered nearly 10.5 million doses to its population. Nearly 60% of its entire population have received both doses.

Meanwhile, Palestine administered a total of 215k vaccine doses (I rounded up).

Less than 1% of Palestinians have received both doses.

Israel declined the vaccine to Palestinians who were working there.

Israel, who has a surplus of vaccines, has also declined to offer them to Palestinians.

This act is further oppressing and besieging the Palestinian people.

Not only is Israel refusing to provide vaccines to Palestinians, they are further continuing the oppression of the Palestinian people - preventing the entry of **critical** medical supplies to the Gaza Strip.

Gaza Strip is seeing yet another covid surge, deadlier than the first. There is such a limited supply of resources in Gaza to begin with, that this wave could be just as dangerous and fatal as previously predicted.

Gaza has been under Israeli occupation for far too long. The 2+ million that have been living there have been surviving despite harsh living conditions.

To name a few — 20 hrs day w out electricity, limited access to clean water, under-resourced hospitals, long term effects of air pollution from Israeli aggression, etc etc etc...

Covid is further destabilizing a region that is already on the brink.

Today, Israel recorded yet another day without COVID deaths, and the lowest infectivity rate they’ve seen in nearly a year.

Just a few miles away, the West Bank is seeing their third wave and Gaza is suffering from their second (deadlier) surge.

It is reported that Israel has 10+ million vaccines in surplus that they don’t intent to use.

They’ve nearly reached herd immunity.

And just a few miles away, they’ve put such a chokehold on Palestine that the Palestinian people are continually suffering covid surges.

The Palestinian people are immensely affected by covid and further affected by a crumbling infrastructure, thanks to many decades worth of Israeli oppression, occupation, and aggression.

We cannot demand healthcare equity while staying silent about medical apartheid.

The virus does not see borders. The deadly virus variants that are being reported in the West Bank and Gaza Strip will inevitably make their way into Israel just because of sheer proximity.

By not providing Palestinians with their excess vaccines, Israel is paving the way for fatal variants of covid to enter and ruin their attempts at herd immunity.

If not for the basic desire to help humanity, Israel should be motivated to provide vaccines to Palestinians in order to protect their people.

So while everyone celebrates Israel’s herd immunity, greatest vaccination rate worldwide, and lowest infectivity rates, let’s not turn a blind eye to their continued oppression of the Palestinian people.

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