When people say "D&D isn't the best solution for every concept," I think some people take offense because they are feeling protective of the good times they have had playing D&D.

This makes sense, especially because alot of those tweets are pretty aggressive.

The core of the "try other games" argument is rooted in *system.*

If you haven't tried anything else, this argument probably sounds weak. RPGs are imagination games– we can make them what we want. Why not just reshape what you know into what you want?
Let's frame this differently using something familiar: video games.

You can mod GTA 5 or Skyrim into just about anything. Both games have Spider-Man mods.

These mods use the tools that the base game provides to inject a flavor lots of people appreciate to the experience.
In the GTA mod you can swing around the city and do cool stuff with super strength. It's choppy but it rules!

In the skyrim mod, you essentially reskin spiders to have a horrific version of the classic Spidey costume. It's disturbing, but hilarious.
Both mods are fun! But, when you compare them to Spider-Man PS4 or Miles Morales, the difference is obvious.

The mods are appropriating familiar tools to mimic something you like, but the Spider-Man games are *built* to give you the best version of the experience you want.
If you want to play a concept that doesn't match the core of what D&D is built to do, you are almost always better off trying a different game.

You can mod D&D, but you're probably working twice as hard for something half as good.
I normally stay out of the discourse, because I hate how mean it is. But it took me a long time to warm up to the idea of playing RPGs other than D&D.

Turns out I LOVE them.

It's worth it if I can convince someone to branch out and maybe discover a similar passion.
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