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• Lawmakers distribute unregistered ivermectin products
• Experts: Not enough proof to say ivermectin safe, effective vs COVID-19
• DOJ: Up to law enforcers if ivermectin distributors will be arrested
Health reform advocate @DrTonyLeachon on unregistered ivermectin products: They should be used in the context of clinical trials and in a hospital. How can we monitor the adverse effects?
. @DrTonyLeachon on compassionate special permits: You only use a particular drug when other options aren't available
. @DrTonyLeachon on lawmakers distributing unregistered ivermectin products: We might be exploiting people's lack of education
Anakalusugan party-list Rep. Mike Defensor, an ivermectin advocate, says about 200 households were given unregistered ivermectin products yesterday in Quezon City.

He adds a total of 2,000 capsules were handed out.
Rep. Defensor on distributing unregistered ivermectin products: Each patient had consultation session with doctors
Rep. Defensor: There's so much movement to kill ivermectin supply in the market
Rep. Defensor: I'm not worried of possible adverse effects of ivermectin
Why did people have to sign a waiver when they received unregistered ivermectin capsules?

Rep. Defensor: May waiver kasi baka mamaya they file a case to stop ivermectin in the market... All COVID-19 medications have waivers.
Rep. Defensor: Wala naman talagang gamot para sa COVID-19. No one has come up with a cure and said, 'this is the protocol'
Rep. Defensor reveals there are Cabinet officials, and even their children, who are already taking ivermectin. He refuses to name them.
Rep. Defensor: In the US, they're allowing doctors to prescribe ivermectin for COVID-19
Rep. Defensor on ivermectin prescription with no physician's name: I think it's a non-issue... Walang nadalang prescription 'yung mga doctor so sinulat sa papel. The doctors are easily identifiable naman kasi apat na doktor lang 'yung nandoon.
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