I love winning. Ask anyone whose ever worked with me, I can be tough as nails. But I am fair. I do not believe you need to humiliate or cheat people to win. It may take longer (sometimes not), but those wins actually last.
I go for big wins. I risk everything — because I love winning. But you will NEVER find someone telling the truth that says I cheated them. I may have handed you your ass or FedEx’d your body to your mother next day, but I was always fair in the ether
Fair looks like giving ppl equal opportunity to play at-level w/their best. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But never requiring ppl to fight with one hand behind their back, you win or lose, fair and square.
And to bring my point home, Nancy Spector couldn’t stand a young Black woman was better at something she herself had spent no time specializing in — so she went all out to lie/cheat/steal b/c she couldn’t handle someone beating her at a game in which she though she was best.
And now we’re all here— cos she couldn’t accept “losing”.
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