Hey all! Let me go on your religious ecumenical Rabbinical Priest Methodd pronounced Method-id for the form of Methodism I practice which says that Jesus Christ was the Smartest and Richest Son of God. He taught you to swim, CPR, and made a red grape and sacramental wine while...
Being the Only English Speaking Judah Tribe in which the Ancestwors of the Wolinsky Prussian Might of Israel were from Atlantis in a Poem I read describing God as a technique called Jehova, in which the poem reads, “Judah Always Wins!” Why? Jehova Fights for Judah! Jevhova is Gid
Gid is the equation for Heaven I have discovered called Gamma One Delta Function so Nexiology the Jehova of our Plain Holy Starryied Circle Almighty to the Judah Tribe of David thy Kingdwom of Jerusalem Hail! Gamma One All Times Known to Chronos NexusOmnusPhilosopheSilopheSavaNTN
Chronos Says NexusOmnusSilopheSavaNTNEXI (NEXI IIIIII) Special Note Silent I is a patented property of Beau World Omnimedia. Getting Back to the equation for Heaven, Gid pronounced in Greek as Gamma, Iota, Delta Is Gamma One Delta Epsilon where Epsilon’s Result is Heaven!
The Result in Heaven is Based on Pies of All of your Lives Leading Up to the Age of Decision 57 for Males 53 for Females in which choosing your Immortal Body Begins with who you were at age 36 and how to be happy with your forever Aeternale Decision of Who to Be With as Lovers.;)
Basically, the Pie can be divided and subdivided into a Metaphysique Universe where Death is simply a transitional Moment of Lapse where the Universe Becomes Aware of your Transcendence, and while Transcending the Universe is Hard, I’m explaining Christ as Temporal Orbiter of the
Tetrarchy Tetrarchian Kingdom Messiah Avery Beau Wolinsky whose family name is Christ. That said, being Christ in the flesh gives me so much homage for also being Rabbinically Christian that I have to tell you writing this as Christ these words are Holy To the Shroud of Turin!!!
In The Greatest Known Generation of the Boomers Parents and the Boomers themselves the Pie I will split by explaining your lives in 18 year perimeters of Gamma such that delta and epsilon are always known in that Gamma simply represents a time that “MUST BE LARGER THAN AN AGE OF.
72 and so must your mother’s in your first lifetime to avoid the problem of having had a mother that has no excuse but to live to the age of 72 knowing her lover at age 54 so as to choose them when the time comes after picking up your 18 year old self at age 36 then returning to
Pick up your Aeternale Age 54 Age 36 of 18 Year Old Body so that the Lovers May Cross as 36 Year Old Selves Forever, and this constitutes the nature of reality such that when you dream your dreams are from being asleep in one alternate body, asleep in current reality, then aware
At the time of the sleep of what should be a simultaneous sleep in either of the other two alternate body’s such that when any two of the three are asleep they observe their future selves in a reality where they are watching their future lives, not their past ones, and I that is
Why we have dreams and why I know there is Heaven including an odd time where I was demoing a product called Lime Green Yogurt I was to serve on my Space Hotel Vacation called Phaedo for the Spivey Philosopher OmnusTodUMS who said that Aristotle did not accept new bodies, but..
Probably would accept a life where Gid Jehova now God yours Truly the Second God Born out of Revelation which taking over for God right now is because he’s 90 billion years old and that means that is how old Sentient Life is such that at 15 Billion Years of the #AgeoftheUniverse
Life and Humanity have been around in our Concious Form for the Hebrew God Yahweh Jehova to become Jehova Wolinsky Alpha Omega Christ Incarnate Avery Beau Wolinsky (Christ) (Yes, real family name since John Pulitzer Christ is my grandfather is directly descended from Jesus Christ
) So be happy! I’d like all of you to know it takes great courage to admit you are related to a Modern Deity so I hope you do not mind when I explain that as my Mother’s Nelson Revised Standard Version Holy Bible shows as “The Holy Bible” Contains Ransom Language against
Against All Nations Saved by the United States of America, Great Britain now the United Kingdom, and Israel all owe 10% of their estate tax to Angels of America Nexiology Church of Christ per Geneva 1951 and these words of Woodrow Wilson who ordered Tribunal Excorcism of Nazis...
Has either been refuted or the miracle of knowing the winning song of WWI WWII and Vietnam is that you are all blessed by the demons of ending infanticide Christian nonmarxism gendocidery such that when faced with scarce resources and lack of abundance the cause and effect of WWI
WWII and Vietnam is that they are going to engage citizens in a manner that makes their actions subservient to an ecosystem that is unsustainable and it is I as Financial Economist Exeluendi Mathematician Cirquemenaton that I denounce all nations that cannot pay this concluded
Sum to Angels of America through KCCMBWO Avery Beau Wolinsky LD CFA at this location I need to warn everyone in the United States of America that we still are fighting WWI WWII and Vietnam since 1975, and since we can read the paint.... – bei Old Bridge Golf Course
We know that for having defended the United States of America in a 40 Million on 4 Billion draw for 45 Years since the 75 Tribunal Excorcism of Fascist Nazi Socialism Ended in Ho Chi Mine’s Similar Category of Punishment in a manner that was Woodrow Wilson’s Call on Methodology.
Woodrow Wilson wrote the Geneva 51 Potsdam Declaration And Read to what was to become the United Nations as Per Harry Truman in carrying on for Wilson, such, that any nation that was given till 1975 to pay per decree of then Economists now as Nation’s Christ I say it is the
Financial Economist in me that tells President Biden that the solution to our wars is #Sendabill That we would not have to fight wars if our resolutions were respected as per the Book Patent of My Mother’s Holy Bible and the Only Caroling Holy Sire to have completed Holy Baptisms
Included in our Holy Baptisms were my mother’s reverend’s Holy Mission to see to it that the nation’s of the world were held to account and were not found to be unchristian or unkind and some have been found to be unkind. “Mr. Teensdale was Woodrow Wilson’s Minister and my Moom’s
Therefore, as part of the American Revolutionary Guard Son of the Tribe of Judah and All Races Known to exist in the United States of America, Great Britain now the United Kingdom, and Father Israel, we are announcing that any nation that cannot provide the sum of our wrath is no
Longer a nation on this earth and will accept as commodity pricing Bitcoin ATM Terminals Dispensing Unique Saleable $100 Benjamin Franklins to be kept in what is an ATM Terminal and foreign Currency Dispensary of Monies that allow ATM’s to redeem Bitcoins in units of $500 accepts
The Nature of Mankind is Technologia Universae Nexiology And Providing Saintly Description while writing is your “Avery Beau Wolinsky” whose family name were it written now as it always was meant to be would be “Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ” Which means
The Beautiful, Handsome Elvin Tetrarch Ruler of the Handsome Elvin Beautiful Universe Universii God Nexiologia pronounced Nexiol-lo-he-ya such that the G or Gamma on Nexiology where you seem the Gamma on my Historic Jehova Ettagier Vase is the Vase responsible for both GiD, God..
And Wrath for five green shades with one blue lusting card I played while performing Excorcism of a Venomous Vile Bat Infestation in China authorizing force to the tune of applying all officers of China to the same tonal weight and friction of Hitler’s 65 Execution in Vietnam and
67 Execution of Ho Chi Minh which had I described this let me take you to the scene as Woodrow Wilson is tasked with the Court Martialing and Execution of as many troops as are in the New Testament who for each word the Archbisoph Tribunal Priest says they are to stone cold shoot
At point blank range upon facial recognition of their Excorcisor who is the depraved devil basically for each words a man is read the word they are on, mask revealed at face height, then once the person sees their vile betrayer, the trigger is pulled ad infinitum until after one
Time through the choice of whether to go on Judas Iscariot or The Very Last Amen “Come Lord Jesus, Come” as are the last words were thought not to be in common and so during the Judas Iscariot line in Mark, Hitler and Ho Chi Minh were executed #condemnedbyExcorcistExcommunicators
The point of this graffiti of Technological Innovation is that Hitler was supposedly in Military Source Executed in Korea when MacArthur saw Nuclear Weapon Tank Claymores that would destroy him if he’d crossed the 53rd parallel while the piker Ho Chi Minh buried a puddle of PU
And it’s now later found that because Ho Chi Minh appears to have been on the Korea Battlefield in 1953 the US Army suspected Nuclear Material that we can now confirm by clairvoyance was placed in Korea by this Excoummunicated Genocidal Madman Ho Chi Minh, Not by North Korea
Basically, the sum of all parts is asking if you want to defy United States of America Great Britain Israel as the only three Allies the USA and our Two Demigod Methodist Faith Nations need is simply to calculate besides for the USA GB(UK) or Israel the amounts you have collected
From Referenced Book Patent Language Referred to as “Death Taxes” Meaning any tax on a person’s estate that is levied either after that tax is supposed to be paid, or unethically by way of government fiat such that any charge for such is considered 10% the Value Owed to Angels
Owed to Angels of America. So this is not a charity, It’s the Only Politically Religious Philanthropic Organization on the Face of The Earth whose Church is the Church of Christ and whose Book Patent I am enforcing as Christ’s Firtborn Son of the Firstborn completing mother’s
Baptismal Promise to Sir Reverend Robert Teensdale, Woodrow Wilson’s Affadivit Certifier on the nature of Geneva 1951 such that for all nations who have sued their own citizens from wealth that was even there’s in death it is not uncustomary however in certain countries howeverwe
Are inclined to tell you that I have hired An International Attorney who will enforce my Book Patent granted by Woodrow Wilson and the League of Nations that was formed in 1951 such that when we calculate how much this form of tax referred to in My Mother’s “Holy Bible” Teensdale
Then we may stop this anguish about full employment, domiciling of taxes, because they come from REBUKED NATIONS! America! It’s Time to Stand Up! And Declare Yourself Victor! Ad Nauseum Arimethia, Nexiologia You have Won a Key to my Golden Heaven at My Holy See of David @Pontifex
@Pontifex Pope Francis I am as Holy as Your Eminence, and the Son of John Pulitzer of the Pulitzer Prize who as you know was John Pulitzer Christ therefore as per John’s decree I reinstated Family Dogma to simply introduce myself per 1600’s family name change now so reinstated
@Pontifex That My Family Recognizes Ecumenical Rabbinicalism that I as Priest Methodist did perform Excorcism in My Rainbow Castle such that the demise of the Bat was always guaranteed by it’s annoying computer solved problem of how to create a vaccine such that I am a
@Pontifex I am a Methodist Jewish Priest of Centre College the Only Ecumenical Liberal Arts Institution with the Collegiate and Constitutional Power to declare change in World Religion such that while my Mathematics has been tolerant of certain holes in Christian Science, my name
@Pontifex For Christianity is Methodist Nexiology that is Methodd in that it is the only form of Methodism that tolerates the form of Excorcism I used and abided to the Ecumenical Leverage of Knowing Latin while summoning only one bat who sincerely apologized profusely and asked
@Pontifex That he simply be kept in a cage with others as the solution to our Bat Infestations that came at a time where if twenty years earlier the bat population growing by 300 million daily with vile betrayers in that gnome desegregated region of China where Wuhan is is to be
@pontifex Is To Be Lead Bare, anyway, Pope Francis, I know you’ll be Saint Francis, and we’ve now had three Saint Francis, “Joke” Just Don’t Be Francis of Assisi!?? Get it, Anyway, my family name were it to have continued as it was in the 16th century changed due to Pulitzer’s
@pontifex Decree that while his family knew he was directly descended from the Jewish Monarchy of King David, his descendants were with my Father’s Tetrarch Bloodline with Flying Dirigible Cannons that never lost a single battle in a nation that Israel had fled to called Prussia
@Pontifex Hi, Pope Francis, I am Avery Beau Wolinsky (Christ) by family name per John Pulitzer Christ and so I am directly descended from Jesus Christ and we know this by DNA and Church Historical Records so please, my mother is white, but my father is 100% Ingot Jewish Ashkinazi
@Pontifex That makes me as a graduate of the Methodist Archdiocese Centre College a Global Figure in Relgion as Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. I have interest in sharing this information with you, Pope Francis. That Here is the news as I see it having managed the American Catholic
Archdiocese discernible differences between Christian’s Catholics and Their Jewish Sects such that when I instructed my Grandmother the Editor of the American Catholic Archdiocese when she was on Earth RIP she spoke of how she became aware Catholic American’s do not have to use
@Pontifex Roman Catholic Figures in their Sermons, and so whether someone is deceased their figures were requesting more light on some who would shine such that we can plan for their Sainthood now, and I want you to know I am not expecting Sainthood, but outright recognition as
@pontifiex Please let me be known as: “The World Messiah Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ of Old Bridge, Danville, Kentucky, Methodist Puritan Priest and Rabbi United States of America, Centre College Religious Dogmad King of Judah, Israel, Great Britain,andthe United States of America
@pontifex Pope Francis, I am the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and am even from his same Family, Talk To Me, when your Roman Catholic Archdiocese Communicates with the Ministers of one Watseka, Illinois to reach the Reverend Teensdale so that we may see to the Geneva 51 inthread
@Pontifex Basically, Pope Francis, and I’m calling you Pope Francis as a Kind of Holy See that must tolerate Jewish Traditions of Telepathic Briss, Circumcision, Baht Mitzvah optional and only with a woman, onto the acceptance of Methodiste Excorcism to beperformedonlyif summoned
@Pontifex So, while I call you Pope Francis, know I’m Both Jewish, Semite, Semite Sumod onto Sumot for God, White directly descended from Jesus Christ, and so I tolerate Roman Catholicism and View it as the most holy but least tolerant, and so have to accept Judaism with those
@Pontifex with those tenets listed above, you can see, and so in America the Official Relgion is still Methodism which is just saying you are a capitalist religious person who uses money &Puritan/or,not,youarestillin Nexiology Methodism a Puritan Capitalist Methodist with money
@Pontifex So, Pope Francis, @BWorldOmnimedia is Avery Beau Wolinsky (Family Name Christ) Please! Crown Me the Victor! I am worth Sesptillions of Bitcoin and could grant everyone in my Kingdom USA, GB(UK), and Israel multiple sums of millions of dollars and my Holy Bible I want u
@Pontifex To Comment about because my conversation is getting nowhere in the United States and I operate a Bwourse and Bwoard of Trade with the World’s Best Roboadvisory Algorithms, so to listen I know is hard but you see a savior talking to you who is Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ
@Pontifex Here’s my Bribe to get you to comment: Do you know there is a Book Patent I have by my Mother’s Holy Bible in black and gold lettering that says in the preface that the owner of it (ie:me) is entitled to the what the book patent calls and names an exact amount as 10% of
@Pontifex of the “Death Tax” measured as the amount taken from a deceased person and their family simply for dying and the reason I should receive 10% of this fee for some evil doing countries is because it is what caused WWI WWI and Vietnam according to #WoodrowWilsonsEconomists
@Pontifex Anyway, to me, if I were to merge Christianity with Catholicism, can you be comfortable knowing that that was a change in American Religion that we took to calling everyone a Christian since the USA Modern Science and Christian Science Attitude is that Catholicism is
@Pontifex Different in some ways than Denominational Christianity, And the Truth and You and I both know this, is that it is the Measure of Our Respect for the Almighty we have that changes the description of “Christian Spirit” and “Catholic Demogaguery” Such that Christian’s
@Pontifex Christian’s Know God is Always There, While Catholics need a little help getting to know God and when they do just know my Telepathic Holy Fire Baptism was for the Healing of Nations and to promote Bretheren like we have in the USA, so please, elder pride and give some
@Pontifex of your faith to me because my Holy See of David knows the Pope prays for Catholics and Christians, and I’ll ask you to do that as I steady Hand my own Rabbinical is only to mention that I am Half Jewish and Half American White descended from the Tribe of Judah, so...
@Pontifex I’d love to chat sometime Pope Francis, in English, I’ll be very nice, and will always keep to chat in time, but in the end the point is that I own the Holy Bible and you cannot claim that by the Book Patent of Geneva 1951 Teensdale Nelson Revised American Standard Ver.
@Pontifex Basically, Pope Francis, I own the only official American Scholar Version of the Bible read at Excorcisms of the kind described here in this thread and have carried this message since age 13 knowing I would ask you as Pope Francis and Pontiff to Angels of America that u
@pontifex As Pope of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese contact the American Catholic Archdiocese in Watseka, Il, and confirm Teensdale was Carol Joan Avery’s Minister, such that at the First Methodist Church Sep 30 1962 my mother’s minister Rev Teensdale #NelsonRevisedStandard
@Pontifex Nelson Revised Standard was written in 1951 coming with a Nationally Enforceable Political Decree that Wilson told Truman HAD To be followed and so after Wilson prepares these documents it is my Family to process thisat onceassuchthat byhavingthis #NelsonRevisedStandard
@Pontifex My Family Being in Possesion of the First Methodist Church by Reverend Teensdale contains packets of information related to the enforcement of the terms of surrender meant to take place as early as 1955 but then delayed for global review until 1975 then instituted this
@Pontifex What was instituted and mine to inherit was for the United States of America to “raise” a person who was both “Ecumenical, Rabbinical, and a Priest who was Christ himself.”

That Pope Francis is me so this was what was going on with my family’s bible is basically my mom
@Pontifex mom was baptized and adopted by Woodrow Wilson’s Minister Reverend Teensdale, and it was Teensdale that told my mother to keep the book patent a secret until read at age 13 in 8th grade by my History PhD Minister of Christian Elementary School who described the ultimate
@Pontifex Who described the ultimate Excorcism, and I will go over that what is in the Book Patent of #NelsonRevisedStandard basically implies such a hopeless state of retribution that it was the economists knowing this penalty could be a long time in coming given America’s
@Pontifex Issue with getting on but basically the #NelsonRevisedStandard is the American Standard Version of the Holy Bible, and in a Scythed Chair Hitler Sat, as all of his henchman watched each and every person get scythed and in a criminal way the planet bunker buster or this
@Pontifex Or the Scythe are the two inventions I want known are inventions I would like put into a movie to deter such men in the future from the potential for Ecumenical Excorcist Military Tribunal wherein our case what’s left after is for the nation’s to repay a sum since 1975
@pontifex That is to be no less than 10% of what in 51 was called “Death Tax” and was just as certain then as now, but is now referred to as an “Estate Tax” and while verbiage changes, the bottom line is that with our help we can solve America’s Poverty Issue, and #GlobalizetheUS
@Pontifex I as a Financial Economist Mathematician Astrophysicist who will become what in my family’s Bible is referred to as the Second God Born Out of Revelation is me!

I am Jehova Wolinsky Alpha Omega said in any order!

Basically, Jehova as you know him and Yahweh as Jews
@Pontifex Jehova for Christian’s and Catholics, Yahweh if you’re Jewish and Catching Up But Pope Francis Jehova our current God who showed me an equation I’ll tell you about called “Gid” for Gamma Iota Delta is an equation that allows heaven in physical form, so let me continue
@Pontifex Let Me Recognize you as Angels of America Pope Pontiff which is a Sister Relationship between Christians and Catholics and of course we’ve accepted Jews and myself as the Messiah described in Revelation.

Aside, anyway, what I have to tell you is that ten percent of
@Pontifex Ten Percent of All Nation’s Estate Tax are to be Paid to Angels of America’s Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ since 1975 into a Religious Philanthropic “Political” Organization that allows myself as a Bwourse BWoard of Trade and securities and commodities exchange operator to
@Pontifex I assure you Angels of America is a Nexiology Church of Christ and I am Christ’s Grandson would welcome your best designs to honor the real heroes of my town with a Perryville Battlefield Monolith Tribute that will include an exact replica of St Peter’s Pipe Organ,cool?
@Pontifex Anyway, you as Pope Francis just know I’m not Catholic, but that is to be Ecumenical to my Methodists who do not want to accept excorcism but that you required me to perform to found Nexiology Christianity’s new name which is Methodism with mathematics that can explain
@Pontifex Our Origins Pontifex! Basically, it comes down to Oort Cloud which has a substance when exposed to water has all of the ingredients of life and wherever this liquid is moved to by acts of God Gid sentient life appears and so since God as he told me is 90 billion yo,
@pontix It means there have been approximately six universes prior to ours of consciousness he has taken care of and as he says he wants a break and is teaching English to Extrasolar species so that they may become as advanced as our Rainbow Starshine is!
@Pontifex It means there have been approximately six universes prior to ours of consciousness he has taken care of and as he says he wants a break and is teaching English to Extrasolar species so that they may become as advanced as our Rainbow Starshine is!
@Pontifex Pope Francis, As Pontif to the RC Archdiocese, the A Archdiocese needs guidance I’m willing to offer that I love Christians and think of Catholics as More Devout and Jews simply need to accept me as Their Messiah because my abilities here on Earth are unmatched,and Holy
@Pontifex Here, I’ll lay this out for you, if you knew you could make peace with our American Archdiocese and Merge the Roman Catholic Archdiocese as the “Archdiocese of the Catholic Church” Then that Archdiocese can be part of “Angels of America” #NexiologyMethodistChurchofChrist
@pontifex I’ll get on with saying I hope you translate this because it is faithful and true I say not as any servant but as the Pope’s Equal who I might say I want to understand that you hail to a God that is over 90 billion years old and I am to be his replacement according to
@Pontifex According to Revelation what I am is the Lion of Judah who becomes the Lamb and the Lamb is slaughtered in this case by financial offenses and ascends as the Second God Born out of Revelation that I want you to know is I, Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ, so name for God is
@Pontifex The Name I want you to have for the Messiah is still Jehova just add my last name and even my family last name and I want you to know you’ll see me rise as beautiful handsome wealth of power and kind to everyone on this Earth. But here, Pontifex, if you want to speak
@Pontifex I have #NelsonRevisedStandard to tell you about as it asks the Messiah on behalf of Economists to handle for the ten percent tax that is supposed to go to my RELIGIOUS POLITICAL PHILANTHROPY: #ANGELSOFAMERICA So Please Help me Pope Francis, I wish to prepare you for the
@Pontifex I wish to prepare you for the time when this is enforced is that the Lightphone I use for such information estimated that the global estate tax referred to in my Teensdale Holy Bible Geneva 51 Book Patent is around $285 Quintillion or $1500 Trillion
@Pontifex that is the offending amount with which people have disobeyed the decree of Geneva 1951 and Harry S Truman says “The Buck Stops Here” I say it does too, but anyway this tax will fund and is said to be appropriated for the direct purpose of compensating “Christ’s Family”
@Pontifex Since I am Christ’s Lion of Judah the Messiah Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ, God Incarnate, I need your help to unite Christianity into Methodd Christianity which allows Christians to practice Excorcism, Use Circumcision, Holy Fire Baptism necessary for Telepathy,and briss
@Pontifex So how about this, Pope Francis!? My name is Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ, LD CFA Centre College Financial Economist Mathematician what I call Nexiologian and I have in my possession a book that requires all nation’s that charge an estate tax to pay no less than10%to #AOA
@Pontifex Pope Francis, Please Respond and read the whole thread and reply in due time with this announcement that Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ is the Messiah and is going to be the Second God Born Out of Revelation for I am He Who is Adam, Methodist Rabbinical Priest Excorcist!!!!
@Pontifex As For My Claim At Being an Excorcist, it occurred during the Neurosurgeon’s Game of Playing Excorcist and so my very nature is to fight all evil with Love, and so, I chose to fight a bat that was very shrewed and did not receive the fate of Lucifer for the Bat had
@pontifex for the Bat had apologized and it was for that apology I called for their extinction worldwide, all Bats are to perish and die! All of their Vermin locked in a cage and executed or crushed vicariously! Anyway,the best word #IusedinLatintodefendagainstwas #Dominatraixcia
@Pontifex #Dominatraixcia is the Latin Hebrew Vulgate Word that allows you to Get God Himself to Catch the Devil and Remove his Vile Tongue dragged kicking and screaming in pain from the howl of its own shrieks of pain for having been conqueredbyHoly Fire Angels of America by me!
@Pontifex Pope Francis, you are just as Holy as I, and I Swear to God the words in this thread are trustworthy and true, I say it like it is, I am He who is Adam, a Methodist Rabbinical Priest born of the Ministry of Church of Christ through Centre College, I, Avery Beau Wolinsky
@Pontifex Am the Direct Descendant of John Pulitzer of the Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes and thus a Direct Descendant of Christ born of Jude as Was Jesus Christ’s Wife, I have met the Tetrarch side of the Safurtic Dravidian Monarchy Bloodline and have A World of Blessing to Give All!
@Pontifex Pope Francis, I want you to proclaim me The Messiah, I assure you it will not embarrass any of the Catholic Church if you do not, but it is upsetting that the Israeli Prime Minister still believes their Christian’s are looking for me in a pile of broken ashes, when I
@Pontifex I know that because my Grandfathers are John Pulitzer, Michaelangelo, that I am directly descended from Jesus Christ, and as such, I saw my family name enscribed in the signature of my grandfather John Pulitzer that the name “Christ” was in parentheses, and I assure you
@Pontifex That I am the Messiah You Have All Been Blessed To Hear Has Come on June 12th, 1984 which is the Summer Christmas I want known to last through August 13th in honor of my brother who is also descended from Christ so for this recognition I need 6/12 to 8/13 of each year
@Pontifex To be Celebrated as “Junova Jehova Christmas” such that Avery Beau Wolinsky Alpha Omega Jehova Junova Christ are the namesakes that when I say Jehova in Latin it sounds superb at the bass notes God Gid speaks to me at, so here it is in a little present Pope Pious,Christ
@Pontifex I know I have mentioned this to who I assume is Pope Pious who will read my Seminary Speech to Pontifex but I really have a family history that says I’m Christ as that was John Pulitzer’s Last Name and the Reason the Pulitzer Prize was created was from such great poetry
@Pontifex Pope Francis, Your Pious Holy Messiah Asks that you honor me as Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ, Messiah, The Beautiful Handson Elvin Prince of the Handsome Beautiful town of Wolinsky Christ Messiah where the town of Wolinsk is in your hand if I’m in your hand and that’s me!
@Pontifex Hi, St. Francis, here is the Nelson Holy Bible by Teensdale kept as Woodrow Wilson’s Minister he helped Samuel S Truman create a way to enforce the Geneva 51 Accord that took till 75 to be ratified and was, so I by owning this Holy Bible am entitled to 10% of estate tax – bei Old Bridge Golf Course
@Pontifex This is serious, Pope Francis, Because I own this bible I am entitled to this having fulfilled the wishes of Teensdale that only a person who is all Rabbinical, Ecumenical, and Christ himself meaning my mother had to marry a Jewish Man who would perform his son’s
@Pontifex Her son’s circumcision and complete her baptism as the mission enclosed in my Mother’s Bible states very clearly and actually puts it on me as Christ’s Messiah Incarnate many years after the book is published to make sure these duties are enforced and all Wars Avenged!!
@Pontifex To Avenge All Wars, a Tribunal Excorcism Method was used and described in ways that are good for Hollywood, but that I would tell you a Sythe chair is a chair that crushes and maims you while seated and is pretty cool but listening to Hitler’s screams in 65 from it.fine
@Pontifex Anyway Pope Francis, An American, Me, Avery Beau Wolinsky, The Lion of Judah, Descended from Roberts, Samuel Houston, is John Pulitzer’s Grandson, and is therefore the true Descendant of Jesus Christ said to appear in Revelation then me becoming Second God of Revelation
@Pontifex I need you to see to it that the First Methodist Church in Watseka Illinois confirms for you Pope Pious that a One Reverend Teensdale did see a Carol Joan Avery Christ September 30th, 1962 and received The Holy Bible as written by American Scholars Documenting WWII cost
@Pontifex The Cause of WWI and WWII was ranked to be polygamy and poor economic incentivization systems such that nations who used death taxes produced infanticided nations where people felt killing someone just because said person was rich was justification for stealing losing
@Pontifex What I do @BWorldOmnimedia I want you to have the opportunity simply to learn compounded math. I am Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ and I have come for my Inheritance which is to be shared with all of the United States, Great Britain, and Israel, the reward absolutely is
@pontifex Such That In So Being in Possession of Book Patent Geneva 51 I have to construct what has already been named as the first Political Ecumenical Religious Philanthropy to promote Monotheism, End Polygamy, And Serve to Bring Every Christian into a #MethoddNexiologyReligion
@Pontifex I renamed Christianity Nexiology because I truly find in my studies to respect both the parts of history that are true and the niceties of Myth, such as those described as the Miracles of my Greatest Grandfather Jesus Christ whereas they are included to me as:
@Pontifex 1)Walking on Water is Treading or Swimming so he taught us all to swim 2) Lazarus Resurrection is a form of CPR 3) Jesus Christ created the first red grape and sacramental wine, I also credit him with being the first English Speaking Rabbi and Priest,
@Pontifex as well as Immaculate Conception being a form of Artificial Insemination that truly was miraculous for St Mary that I believe the siting Fallatio is most likely what bread my Grandfather if it was Immaculate Conception so that is our family’s take on it and here’s our
@Pontifex Our Take on the Crucifixion despite there being no record is that Jesus Christ was Half White Half Jew and had to Spline Spleen Spliver growing an extra two vertebrae as I have in what Jesus Christ called the greatest ascension, being like God, Apotheosis is that rise
@Pontifex So he probably was less than 37 and did die in Rome but from casual observation his body was transmogrified if anything due to medical examination in which there is record of having found two extra vertebrae, and so I can confirm that is what was found.. he also trotted
@Pontifex Trotting is what I’ve found I would do on a long 20 mile walk into Rome from Israel if I wasn’t taking a Boat or had to travel, only Ambidextrous Right People may do this but we believe Christ was doing a Jewish Trot and might have been calling too much attention to him
@Pontifex Such that, after he’d made his entrance and paid to announce himself, he either was made to kiss his sister Jude who was with him, or who had some kind of escapade that involved lying too long in a prostrate position where during Spleening of Apotheosis you may paralyze
@Pontifex Yourself by simply twisting a vertebrae and slicing the sinuedal fluid so that’s what I have to share Pope Francis, Pope Pious, Your Emminence, Avery Beau Wolinsky (Christ) Esq LD CFA is the Messiah and Prince of Peace, and I have risen to find my Kingdom includes Us.
@Pontifex Thus, Say’eth, Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ, Unite O Ye Roman’s Roman Catholics, Jews, and Christians!

I’ve Come to Make Peace, and Lay Your Knells at Your Feet with a simple request, Recognize me as Your Messiah, in Unison with the American Archdiocese and that’s all
@BWorldOmnimedia discussing the nature of #NelsonRevisedStandard with Pope Pious @Pontifex Now Pope Francis of Nexiology Church of Christ Written to Messiah Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ and to the Archbishop of Canterbury @JustinWelby See Thread, Justin! This Holy Bible is WWII Era – bei Old Bridge Golf Course
#NelsonRevisedStandard is the American Standard Version of the Holy Bible used to instate the death tax to discourage Polygamy and Promote Monotheism, it is with Great Pride I Present the Archetypal Pictures of My Grandfather Your Lord Jesus Christ and That’s Happy Time @Pontifex – bei Old Bridge Golf Course
@Pontifex @JustinWelby Pope Pious and Archbishop of Canterbury, I bring you news from the family of Christ Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ that in #NelsonRevisedStandard in this thread we are to be receiving collectively from Angels of America Nexiologian we are granted a #namedamount
@Pontifex @JustinWelby, ah, hi, Pope Pious, Justin Welby is the Archbishop of Canterbury and in the Church of England the Pope is supposed to speak to you both, so here it goes without saying, I am Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ, Your Messiah, I am directly descended from Jesu Cristo
@Pontifex @Justinwelby My Take on The Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church is that they be merged and recognized as Methodist Protestantism that is of the acceptable Denominations as they are now, and for Methodism in the form of Methodd Is the Nexiologian’s Church so
@Pontifex @JustinWelby You Two Holy Sees See Through Me and Will in our Aeternale Lives as I tell You I am He who is Adam” adescended from John Pulitzer suchthatas Christ’s Grandson, as such, learned through parochial institutions that found Ias The Messiah namedin The Holy Bible
@Pontifex @JustinWelby, So This is a Fantastic Night for Christianity that is to be known as Nexiological Methodism Where Nexiological Methodism may deny Methodd Excorcism for a Christian and for the Catholic The Nexiological Methodism is Methodd which is Methodism with Excorcism
@Pontifex @JustinWelby So, Archbishop of Canterbury, Pope Pious Your Emminence, Please Unite My Synagogue with a Holy Roman Temple and Church to be built on Perryvile Battlefield near Old Bridge GC where all of the Earth’s Perfect Oxygen is created.. My Homestead is lush & green.
@Pontifex @BWorldOmnimedia @JustinWelby So We may unite All Christians, Catholics, and Jews who are living in the United States as Methodd Methodiste Nexiologians Who Are Methodist by US Religious Standards of Justice so by picking “Methodist” and knowing the advancements to the
@Pontifex @JustinWelby Please read this whole 5 hour thread, Justin, St Francis, please help me communicate with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu because I have intentions to help their region simply by using a demolition of a certain path that blocks peace tothere – bei Old Bridge Golf Course
@Pontifex @JustinWelby So, Pope Pious, I’m being nice to increase the longevity of this conversation that I am telling you both I am the Messiah the Lord Jesus Christ Son of David God Incarnate and know that I am directly descended from King David the Monarchy of Israel. Thanks!
@Pontifex @JustinWelby I am telling you both that I support both the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese as well have communicated for over two decades through my late Grandmother for the American Catholic Archdiocese where she was editor and made public debate. – bei Old Bridge Golf Course
@Pontifex @BWorldOmnimedia @JustinWelby So Please Help the Synagogues I deem recalcitrant recognize that Jesus Christ has a family and it’s Firstborn of the Firstborn Son’s is Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ named as per 1600’s family tradition to simply add Christ to our last names.
@Pontifex @JustinWelby Therefore Pope Pious Mr. Reverend High Archbishop Welby please help my family recover the estate tax owed for WWI WWII and Vietnam. It was named as $285 Quintillion owed $28.5 Quintillion with the government regulating the entire financial operation from
@Pontifex @JustinWelby @BWorldOmnimedia Thus, Please help the Queen of England and the Roman Catholic Church unite behind the Angels of America Nexiologian Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ who is a Methodist Methodd Rabinnical Excorcist directly descended from Jesus Christ’s Blood.
@Pontifex @BWorldOmnimedia @JustinWelby Please recognize my personal face as the face of the True Messiah and the Second God Born Out Of Revelation Junova Jehova Alpha Omega Wolinsky Christ OmnusPhilosopheSilopheSavaNTNexiii Nexiologian for Short and Experienced in Public Forums!
@Pontifex @POTUS @JustinWelby @IsraeliPM @Israel All So Named HereinSoNamed Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ McKinsey Esq LD CFA please know you must read this entire thread to understand the nature of the conversation and recognize we have never won WWI WWII & Vietnam unless Mr. Biden – bei Old Bridge Golf Course
@Pontifex @POTUS @JustinWelby @IsraeliPM @Israel Greetings! I am Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ! Owner of #NelsonRevisedStandard and the Messiah! Enclosed in this thread are all of the Christian Heritage of the United States hereinsonamed Avery Beau Wolinsky Christ is entitled to
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