From court papers submitted by Ryan Macias, a premier voting machine expert & EAC employee who did an accuracy & security report for Maricopa Cty re the Cyber Ninjas recount policies & practices:
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2-"Opinion 1: Neither the software nor hardware used by Cyber Ninjas to scan the ballots for the Vote Count and Tally Phase have complied with federal certification standards nor Arizona Title 16 requirements .. including as to accuracy, reliability, and security.
3-"Opinion 2: The Vote Count & Tally Phase (i.e., hand count) is not a hand count that follows industry best practices or Arizona “Hand Count Tabulating Methods” that have been developed to ensure accuracy, reliability, and security of the count.
4-"Opinion 3: The review of non-voting system technologies under the “Electronic Voting System Phase” could lead to inaccurate and invalid electronic voting system test results and findings.
5-"Opinion 4: The physical security does not meet best practices for protecting election infrastructure."
In depth explanations of each opinion can be found on the legal document attached at the top of this thread.
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