Important thread related to covid for us.
1.when the patients family reaches us for remedivisir please ask them to talk to the hospital's nodal officer or ask them to make you talk with them as the govt says, every patient shall get the essential vial if followed protocol.
2. If the hospital denies for such thing then Please take the name of the officer & the MD of the Hospital and go to nearest police station & file a complaint if you can't then please contact me Or @anandshashwat for help we shall be available, cos govt has given declaration.
3. If you're denied for beds, oxygen cylinders or any such thing in govt hospitals please email to us [email protected] or you can call to me I'll be sharing my covid help-line number soon, if you're an activist come forward & take care of your area by volunteering this.
4. The centre in it's affidavit has stated that, tociluzimab the injection is imported from M/s roche manufacturing unit in Switzerland to India by Cipla pvt Ltd, there are no units available in India now, please don't buy this medicine in black, drop a msg to us if anyone does.
5. Instead of this medicine the govt prescribes *methyl-prednisolone* and ask doctors to use it, it's majorly a scam the healthcare system is doing right now by panicking you to bring all this essential vials even it had to be bought in black, please call us if someone does it.
6. lastly if nothing of such is happening around please record every statement and call us we shall put this matter on record in court as the government says, they are well equipped with everything and there is no dearth left to blame them, let's now focus on them since we voted.
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