I retweeted someone who said they'd block anyone who tweeted pandemic misinformation. I did so because I agree.

In fact, five minutes later, I blocked a "twitter friend" I'd had nothing but positive interactions with.

I saw a tweet last night, and it really bothered me...
I was going to say something, DM them and ask if we could talk about it. After all, it's not like they retweeted Alex Jones or something. They retweeted a CTV clip about the family of someone who died from the ultra-rare AZ blood clot. "That's why I'll never take AZ" it said.
It bothered me all night, but I came to the conclusion that (a) I was likely never going to change that person's mind, and (b) I was never going to be able to interact with that person without their comment on CTV clip the retweet bothering me.
I feel a bit bad about it because we've had some fun interactions, here. But this is a pandemic, a global medical emergency. I cannot condone and will not support misinformation. I just can't. To do so would be immoral.

So I blocked them.
I'm an adult, fully aware that not everyone agrees with me on everything or even most things. I am fully prepared to accept and respect a wide range of views on a myriad of topics... except this. This emergency is too important to get wrong.
If you spread misinformation about COVID-19, at the very least I'll block you. Catch me on a day with some energy and I'll push back respectfully. Catch me on the wrong day and the full brunt of my rhetorical arsenal will turn towards you.

But today? I just blocked them.
Part of me hopes they notice that they're blocked, flips to an alt account and reads this thread. But whether or not that happens, I could not in good conscience continue to follow someone spreading misinformation.
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