1. I am an American who lives in Canada. And I spend considerable time in both countries. During this COVID crisis, I have come to see a troubling divide in how the US treats Canadians versus how Canada treats Americans (and its own citizens who travel to America).
2. As of now, much of the US welcomes Canadians into the country with a PCR test. It imposes no quarantine & no restrictions.
3. US states & cities readily vaccinate Canadians in the US. not just residents but travellers & visitors. I personally know dozens upon dozens of Canadians who have been vaccinated in the US.
4. But Canada seems to view Americans much more as a source of danger. Americans cannot enter, including those who own property or vacation homes. Our family is not allowed to visit, only my wife's mother.
5. Not just Americans. Even Canadian snowbirds who have been vaccinated in the US are made to go to a COVID hotel & do a 14-day quarantine. And many of these snowbirds are quite old.
6. This at a time when cases per capita in parts of Canada are higher than in some parts of the US.
7. I am all for rational restrictions on travel or other activities. But putting blanket restrictions on vaccinated people etc. makes little sense. it makes MUCH MORE sense to create incentives for folks to get vaccinated & to encourage those who can to get vaccinated in the US.
8. I love both countries. And much as it pains me to say this, there is a significant asymmetry in the way the US is treating Canadians & Canadians treat Americans. And that needs to end soon, esp as more & more are vaccinated.
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