It’s a major update tonight so please read through the thread:
These are our latest expectations for traffic light colour categories from 17th May. These are based on vaccine rates, infection rates, evidence of variants and data quality. See latest chart below. @ThePCAgency
We are keeping pretty well all of #Europe in Amber. Except #Malta #Gibraltar and #Portugal which we expect to be green. We expect 24 countries to be green currently including #Israel #Barbados #Grenada #Iceland #Finland #Morocco #Jamaica #Anguilla #Bermuda #CaymanIslands
We are concerned by possible #India-related infection increases in #Seychelles #SriLanka and #Maldives so these won’t be green on 17th May.
#Cyprus is also of concern due to 100%+ infection increase in the last month. It’s number one in our chart.
We believe #Europe will mostly turn green by end of June, as will the #USA.
Finally we have now changed our percentage change column to be based on 2-week periods as we believe @transportgovuk will now monitor on this basis and give 2 weeks’ warning of colour changes. Good news for holidaymakers!
So here is the chart - a lot of changes. And we expect #UKGov to announce their traffic lights on 6th or 7th May, ahead of confirmation on 10th May that overseas travel can restart.
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