1. CHAOS in Texas today as Republicans pull out all the stops to push a voter suppression bill over the goal line.

At the center is @BriscoeCain, the Texas Rep who famously traveled to Pennsylvania to help Trump push false claims of voter fraud.

Follow along if interested.
2. There are two main voter suppression bills in Texas, HB6 and SB7. But they've stalled.

Cain, the chair of the House Election Committee, announced he was taking SB7 and amending it so it was identical to HB6.

This way the House could pass "SB7" and get it to the Governor.
3. Cain attempted to get his Zombie SB7 through the committee with no notice or hearing.

One Democrat, on a hot mic, called it "bullshit"

And at least one Republican agreed.

So Cain was forced to abandon his plan, at least for now.


5. UPDATE: The Republican legislator who stopped this from happening a few hours ago now says he will go along with it https://twitter.com/travisfortexas/status/1387815687213694985
5. One thing Republicans don't want to do is TALK about these bills

They are blunt instruments that restrict voting justified only by baseless claims of voter fraud

So they are trying to jam them through quickly

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