Izuku never plans to confess to Katsuki. Despite the love he held for the guy fot so many years. Despite the painful longing in his heart.

No, he's not going to confess.

Not when Katsuki went to him one day asking Ochako's favorite food, flower, and her favorite cafe.
Not when he was so desperately trying to hide a blush. Not when he listened attentively to Izuku while he answers his questions and gave him more information that might help him.

No, Izuku never planned to confess his love for him.

He was contented with watching him afar.
He was contented loving him in silence. In the silence where there was no rejection. In silence where he could hold on to his feelings. In silence where he could pretend that Katsuki loves him.

So Izuku kept all his feelings to himself. Locked it in his heart.
Held on it in the quiet of his heart breaking while watching the guy pursue his best friend.

Ochako came to him one day revealing she was planning to finally date and say yes to Katsuki.

"That's great news!" Izuku happily beamed.

The lady smiled, cheeks pink with blush.
"Will you be fine?" Ochako asked, her brown eyes glimmered with worry.

"What do you mean? Of course! Why wouldn't I be fine?" Izuku laughed.

Sometimes it gets harder to breath but he was slowly getting used to it.

"Izuku... You..." Ochako didn't finish what she was saying.
She was afraid to acknowledge what Izuku feels. Acknowledging means knowing. And knowing how Izuku feels about Katsuki woul be a shackle of guilt tied around her ankle. Something to carry for the rest of her life.

"It's fine, Ochako." Izuku held her hand.
His thumbs gently brushed at the back of her hand. "I think you are thinking that I love Kacchan. I do but as a friend. I grew up with him after all."

Ochako wasn't able to say anything, just looked at him helplessly.

"I don't love him that way." Izuku assured.
Izuku always hated lying. It numbs his tongue. It coats his mouth with such bitter taste that no sweet beverage could wash away.

"Really?" Ochako looked relieved. Her face lightened up at Izuku's little lie.

The greenette gave a nod, "Really."
Ochako threw herself to Izuku, hugging him, telling him how much she was relieved because he always thought Izuku liked Katsuki more than a friend.

The greenette hugged her back tightly. His throat hurting from the words he never said, from the lies that passed through it.
It blazed with the tears he stopped himself from crying.

He knew from the beginning that it waa a fruitless kind of love. A love that was doomed.

Closing his eyes, he wished so hard, prayed so hard, that Ochako and Katsuki find happiness and love with each other.
He never planned to confess his love to Katsuki. Not even once.

And today, he's sealing that fate.

Whatever he feels, whatever his heart tells him, it will remain tightly sealed in his lips.

A secret he will keep for the rest of his life.
And just as he was determined to take all of it to his grave, Izuku confessed to Katsuki.

It wasn't planned and he didn't meant for it to happen but after they finished a project from one of their major subjects, their friends asked them to drink out.

Izuku should have —
— known how bad he was with alcohol.

He was the worst lightweight. And he barely hold himself with 3 cans of beer. But that night he let himself lose.

Exhaustion, pain, and all of the emotions in between just burned to him and he wanted to forget. Even for a minute.
He wanted to forget how he loved Katsuki for as long as he could remember.

He wanted to forget that Katsuki was now dating his best friend.

He wanted to forget that he was just falling apart and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

So he drank and drank and drank.
One can. Two cans. Three. Until he could no longer count and his face just slammed on the table as he was completely smashed by alcohol.

Until Katsuki gave a long sigh, placed their share for the bill on the table before pulling Izuku on ride on his back because he can —
— barely stand.

"Fuck," Katsuki groaned, securing him in place. "I will not fucking do this again, moron. If you get smash, you sleep on the street. Fucking annoying."

Izuku snuggled to him, "Kacchhhaaaaan." He called out in drunken stupor.

"Fuck you, shitty Deku."

The blond rolled his eyes.


"Shut the fuck up. I will fucking drop your sorry ass!"

Izuku went completely silent that Katsuki began to worry until he could feel the skin between his neck and shoulder getting wet. "Don't drool on me!"
Izuku didn't answer.

"I swear to God, Deku, you disgusting shit! Don't fucking drool on me!"

Then comes the quiet hiccups, Katsuki halted on his steps. He glanced at the greenette, worried. "When we were young I am so bad at hide and seek." Izuku whispered.
Katsuki remembered. Izuku had always been somehow smaller than the other kids. Slower. But a whole lot kinder. And a million times braver.

"You are shit at everything." It wasn't true of course. Izuku was better at him at a lot of things.

"Then Kacchan will take my hand."
His words slurred through the alcohol and the soft sobs. "He will pull me to the best hiding place and we'd stay there until everyone is found and they will find us last."

"Of course." Katsuki rolled his eyes.

"Back then I always thought it will always be the two of us."
Katsuki didn't say anything.

"Just the two of us." Izuku sobbed. "The two of us against everyone. Against the world."

His cries started to get louder, he held Katsuki tighter.

"Don't choke me, idiot!" Katsuki protested but Izuku barely listened.
"Kacchan," his voice cracked. "I like you."

Katsuki felt his heart dropped at what he heard. He stopped on his track and allowed himself to process what Izuku was sayinh.

"I like you so much." He cried. "I like you so much I feel like dying."
The guy held him tighter. "Don't die, Deku. Don't die because of it, it's not worth it."

"I like you so much. I really, really like you." Izuku sobbed.

Closing his eyes, Katsuki took a deep breath before he began walking again.

"I like you so much, Kacchan."
"I know, Deku." Katsuki answered.

"If I was a girl, do you think you'll like me too?" Izuku cried. "If I was better. If I was prettier, smarter, cooler, do you think you'll like me too?"

"It's not that, Deku."

"Why can't you like me back? Was it really hard to like me back?"
Katsuki took a deep breath, he eyed the night sky. "Idiot, you don't have to change anything about yourself for people to like you." He paused. "It's just that, I don't like and see you that way."

Izuku sobbed, "Please like me back. Please, Kacchan, I will do anything."
"Izuku, listen to me, nothing is wrong with you and you are enough. I'm sure you'll find someone better than me. Someone who'll love you. You are not hard to love. You are adorable, you are smart and you are so kind. So unbelievably kind it sometimes hurt."

"Please, Kacchan."
"Maybe in our next life, Deku." Katsuki whispered. "Maybe then I'll like you the way you deserved and you wanted."


"I'm sorry, Izuku."

When Izuku woke up the next day, his head was throbbing with a bad headache. His eyes hurt from crying and he can't —
— remember a single thing.

He barely left his bed when Katsuki opened the door hitting his face with a box of medicine.

"Serves you right for drinking beyond your limit!" The blond grumbled.

Izuku rubbed his nose with a pout, "I'm sorry for the trouble, Kacchan."
The guy flipped him, "You are buying tonight's dinner!"

"Yes, I will. Tell me what you like." Izuku replied in a defeated tone.

"I was thinking of sushi." Katsuki grinned, leaning against the door frame.

"Kacchan, no, I don't have my allowance yet." The greenette whined.
"That's not my fucking problem anymore," Katsuki grinned menacingly before leaving to hole up to his room.

Izuku gave a loud groan but also reached for his wallet to check on his money. He even grabbed his phone to check on his bank balance but the device is dead.
He flopped down on his bed, staring at his ceiling. Frowning at Katsuki's request.

"Isn't he a little too much? Requesting for sushi." He pouted. Izuku could buy something off the supermarket but he knew Katsuki would just scowl in disgust at it. He would also insult it.
Getting up, Izuku took a quick cold shower to help ease his headache. He also drank a glass of water, downing one pill.

Katsuki went out of his room. The two of them decided to rent a place together when they found out they both got into UA.

"Ochako will be here later."
Izuku tried hard not to let his emotions seep through his face.

"She told me she messaged you but you're not replying." Katsuki said, staring at his phone, typing.

"Ah, my phone's dead. I am currently charging it!" Izuku smiled, pocketing his shaking hands.
"You okay with her going here?" Katsuki looked at him.

"Of course! Why wouldn't I? I haven't seen here in a week since we're so busy with our projects."

"Yeah, she's bringing dinner so save your money or fucking something."

"That's so nice of her." Izuku smiled.
Katsuki looked at him, he opened his mouth to say something but close it deciding to not say anything.

"Oh! I forgot, I need to go to a book store to buy something. Do you need anything?" Izuku blabbed out not really knowing what else he could say. He wanted to smack himself.
"Yeah, I actually need to buy a book. We can go together." Katsuki said.

"Oh," Izuku chewed on his lips.

"What? You don't want me with you?"

"No!" The greenette quickly responded. "Sure, let's go. I'll just get my wallet and jacket." He quickly darted to his room.
When he got out of his room, Katsuki was already ready and was just waiting while typing on his phone.

"Let's go." Izuku said pocketing his wallet and barely charged phone.

"Hmm," the guy said as they left their unit. The place they rented was near commercial area.
They just need to walk in order to get to the shopping district. The rent was expensive because of it but since it was their parents who shouldered the rent, the two of them never really felt the repercussions of it.

In just fifteen minutes walk they got into the bookstore.
Once inside, they separated ways with Katsuki quickly darting towards the reference books isle while Izuku went to check the latest novels and comics. There was nothing he needed to buy but since he was already there might as well check on the books and a new notebook.
The greenette scanned through the titles when the lights flickered on and off. And suddenly the whole place began to shake.

An earthquake, his mind quickly supplied. The shelves rattled, the books falling down.

Izuku quickly ran.

"Deku!" Katsuki screamed his name.
"Kacchan!" Izuku called for the guy but the place just shook harder. He could hear something cracking. Dust were everywhere a part of the ceiling went down.

"Fuck!" Katsuki ran to him, the blond was finally able to grab his hand and pull him to run when the floor gave in.
"Kacchan!" Izuku shouted as they were both falling Katsuki quickly pulled him on a hug to protect him from the impact.

Izuku held the blond closer, shutting his eyes waiting for everything to cave in.

And he wished, he badly wished, he told Katsuki how he felt.
Izuku opened his eyes to look at Katsuki one last time but to his surprised he was in a classroom.

"Izuku," the greenette turned to see a stranger walking to him. "What are you spacing out for? Let's go home."

He blinked.

"W-who are you?" He asked.
"Did you hit your head?" The guy walked to him. Izuku's eyes darted to the name tag on the guy's uniform.

/Todoroki Shouto/

"Are you okay?" /Shouto/ worriedly asked.

Izuku looked at himself, he was wearing a uniform. A uniform he never saw before.
"What's happening?" Izuku breathed, looking at his hands. Opening and closing them.

"Izuku, I am getting worried. Should we go to the infirmary?" Shouto held his wrist.

Suddenly everything rushed to him. A stream of memories he owned but somehow also doesn't hit him hard.
Izuku staggered backwards, nearly falling if only Shouto wasn't holding him.

He was breathing hard, cold sweat broke on his forehead. His eyes shut tightly.

"Izuku!" Shouto worriedly called.

The greenette gasped, snapping his eyes open, he turned to look at Shouto.
Izuku looked all over the place. He went back in time, he thought. The year was back when he was in highschool.

But not only did he went back in time, his life was completely different. He lives in a different place. Studied in a different school.
Has a different place. Had a different childhood.

Izuku turned to look at Shouto who was now determined to drag him to the infirmary.

And he loved someone else. He loves the guy in front of him.

And Shouto... Shouto loves him back.

They're dating.
But the real piece of this is that in this life of his Katsuki didn't exists.

They never met when they were kids.

He just didn't exists.

Izuku stared at the mark on his hand, he ran his fingers over it.

"Omega, answer me!" Shouto finally snapped. Izuku felt his body shook.
His every inch shuddered. Something in his flesh burned. Inside him something he couldn't explain clawed that he fell on his knees.

What the hell is happening?

"Shit," Shouto quickly pulled him on a hug. "I'm sorry." He whispered kissing the side of his head.
What the hell is happening?

"I'm sorry for doing that. I was just worried. Let's get you to the infirmary so we can go home." Shouto whispered, he swooped him into his arms. Carrying him to the infirmary.

Izuku wasn't able to say anything and just let the nurse do her thing.
The greenette needed some time to think.

After the check up, they left. Riding in the car that was waiting outside. Izuku's hand itch with the need to write things down.

Once they got into the mansion, the staff greeted them. Izuku quickly excused himself to stay in his room.
Pulling out a notebook he began jotting down what he could recall about the world.

One, this is not his world. This is not where he's from.

Two, he went back in time but not only in time, he was in a completely different world.
Three, in this world there was a secondary gender. This secondary gender determined their status and use in society.

Izuku pinched his lower lips.

He's an omega, the lowest of the three gender but also the rarest. Being a male made him more rare.

He shut his eyes tight.
When he was young, his parents sold him to the Todorokis. The youngest son of the family took a liking of him and they became friends.

He was lucky because of it. They grew up together and was tied to be married and to be mate whatever that means.

He was in love with him.
Izuku was in love with him. Was supposedly in love with him but now, he couldn't feel that love at all.

And it frustrated him so much on how he's suddenly on this whole predicament. How in the world did he ended up in this situation?

How was he supposed to go back?
The thought that maybe he's dead and he was just dreaming crossed his mind. He pinched himself as hard as he can. If he doesn't feel pain then he's dreaming but he could feel the pain coursing through his skin.

Izuku could feel a headache coming to him.
A knock on his door snatched him from his reverie.

"Izuku," it was Shouto.

The greenette quickly stood up, opening the door, he got to keep his act together until he find answers and solution.

"Is everything okay?" The guy asked.

Izuku gave a small nod.
"You've been acting strange."

"Really?" Izuku looked away. "I'm just tired. I'll sleep it off."

Shouto nodded. "Okay. I'll just tell the staff to bring your dinner hear." He reached for his hand, pulling him close. Izuku nearly bolted away but allowed the guy to touch him.
Shouto pulled him closer, he landed a soft kiss on his forehead. "Rest well, Izuku." Izuku flinched at the gesture, feeling weirded out.

"Thanks, Shouto." Izuku tried to smile.

The guy looked at him with furrowed brows. Izuku held his breath.

Izuku knew his acting skills —
— needed some working but this was the best he could do.

"Rest well, tomorrow would be our school trip. You were so excited about it since it was announced. Don't forget to fix your things it will be a three days two nights trip." Shouto patted his head.

Izuku just gave a nod
He barely slept. Staying up all night writing every little thing down from what he remembered to the incident that lead him where he was now.

At six in the morning the staff knocked on his door for breakfast just after he prepared himself and everything.
While eating, Shouto gave him a collar. It was black with golden lock on it. It also had Shouto's name.

It made Izuku frown. The whole thing felt wrong and weird but reading through things last night and even based on his memory, it was supposed to be somehow flattering.
Gingerly, he locked the collar in place.

"It looks good on you," Shouto smiled.

Izuku cleared his throat, "Thanks."

"You don't like it?"

He doesn't. "I love it," He lied, smiling brightly. "I've always wanted one. Thanks, Shouto."

What a weird world.
Shouto was pleased at what he said and it made Izuku sigh in relief.

After eating, they both went to the car that dropped them at the school where rows of buses were waiting for them.

They boarded their class bus, his classmates and friends greeting him.
Settled on his seat, Izuku pinched himself again to see if it hurts. The pain was still there and it was slowly driving him to edge not really knowing what was happening.

Maybe he's dead, he told himself. Maybe thr impact killed him.

His eyes stung.
If he's dead this meant Katsuki was dead as well.

His stomach twisted at the thought. No, he doesn't want to think that he's dead or anything.

Ah, he wanted to see him even one last time.

Maybe he could tell him how he feels even when he knew he'd reject him.
Not really wanting to cry, Izuku closed his eyes and just slept through the bus ride.

In his sleep, he dreamt of Katsuki. Of how he'd take his hand and pull him to the best hiding place where no one could see them.

Izuku woke up when Shouto gently shook him.
Their first stop was a huge botanical garden. If he was more honest, he'd rather go straight to the hotel where they would be staying instead of roaming around the garden.

Shouto held his hand as they stepped out of the bus. Izuku wanted to move away but just let him be.
Surprisingly the botanical garden was impressive in its own right. It was huge and was teeming with life and various plants. It even has a poison garden.

Shouto left him alone when the guy said he'd buy a drink.

Mina, one of her classmates and friends, clung to him.
"Hey Izuku, look at that!" She pointed out a group of students wearing a different uniform. Their uniform looked more like victorian military uniform. "UA is also having a school trip." She excitedly said.

"UA?" Izuku blinked at the familiar name.
Mina looked at him in disbelief, "Yeah UA! The schools of the nobles! Where the son of the politicians, the richest studies! Don't you remember? Todoroki was supposed to be there but he didn't go because they won't accept you."

Izuku looked at the students.
"Ah yeah," Izuku smiled at Mina who was now gushing over how handsome some of the students were when suddenly someone held his wrist making look at him.

"Deku," Izuku felt his heart drop on the floor at the familiar voice. His green eyes met red ones.

The blond quickly pulled him into a tight hug. Izuku held him, he started crying against the blond's chest.

"Fuck." Katsuki breathed heavily, embracing him more. He then pulled away cupping his face. "Are you okay?" He inspected him.

Izuku kept crying, nodding, "Yeah."
"Shit," Katsuki hugged him more. "I thought I lost you."

"I'm so happy you—”

Before Izuku could finish what he was saying someone yanked him off Katsuki's hold. And that's when he realized every eye was on them.

"Stay away from my omega." Shouto warned.
Katsuki's eyes narrowed at Shouto before he turned to look back at Izuku and saw the collar wrapped around his neck. His jaw clenched hard.

"Izuku, let's go." Shouto pulled the greenette but Izuku didn't move. He doesn't want to leave Katsuki.
Shouto glared at the greenette.

"I'll explain everything, Shouto but please let me talk to Kacchan first." Izuku weakly said.

"How did you even know him?" Shouto spat bitterly.

Izuku didn't answer. What was he supposed to tell the guy? There was no way, he'd believe him.
"No. You two don't have anything to talk about." Shouto said, pulling Izuku away but Katsuki held Izuku's wrist stopping him.

"It will be really quick!" Izuku bargained. "Please, I just need to talk to him."

Shouto glared at the greenette, "*Omega, follow me.*"
Izuku felt everything in him burned at the command. Something in him clawed, snarling for him to obey. Electricity bolted under his skin. It hurts. It hurts.

He needs to obey him. He must obey him.

Katsuki quickly let go of Izuku when he saw the guy in pain.
Cold sweat broke out of his skin.

As soon as Katsuki let him go, Shouto pulled him away. Leaving the blond glaring at their retreating back. His jaw clenched hard.

"Kats, what was that all about?" Eijirou walked to him. "You never told us you knew Todoroki's omega?"
Denki propped an elbow on his shoulder. "The guy made sure no one in the circle saw his omega. It's not like people will steal his omega."

"Well, Bakugou looks like he's about to do that." Hanta chuckled.

"Shut up." Katsuki shoved Denki's arm away. "Don't call him Omega."
Eijirou turned to him, "And since when did you care about Omegas? Didn't you hate them?"

"He hates them because he's bound to marry one." Denki shrugged.

Katsuki shut his eyes tightly. This is bad, he thought to himself.

"What's wrong with Ochako? She's nice!" Hanta chimed.
Katsuki walked away leaving his supposedly friends behind.

Cursing inwardly, he thought of everything. How he woke up in a different place, have a different memory. Not only that this world had a different custom with the whole secondary gender bullshit.
In this world, not only was he the supposedly only son of the country's Empress and was the crowned prince. He was bound to marry the daughter of the Prime Minister who happened to be Ochako.

But what disoriented him was the fact that in this world him and Izuku never met.
It's not that he hated the idea of marrying Ochako. He met her and she was the same person he knew only this time she also happened to have a secondary gender.

But he was to disoriented by the fact that him and Izuku was about to die only for him to wake up on a different world
A world were everything was different. Were their paths never crossed.

/I like you so much I feel like dying./

And somehow he saw Izuku but he happened to an Omega and was bound to someone else as well. With the way Izuku reacted, Katsuki knew he also retained his memories.
"You do know you could have nullified Todoroki's command?" Hanta walked next to him.

Katsuki didn't answer.

"Yeah, he wouldn't be able to do anything about it." Denki added.

"Guys, please." Eijirou rolled his eyes. "Stop adding fuel to the fire."
"Besides, leave Todoroki and his omega alone." Eijirou added.

Katsuki bit his inner cheek. His initial problem was how to get out of this whole thing now knowing Izuku was here as well, he needed a way to get both of them out of this world.

"Ah," Denki turned to Katsuki.
"How did you know about Todoroki's omega? Is there some affair here that you never told us, huh?" He added with a smirk.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. "Shut up, Pikachu."

"He also called you a cute name. On how he could get away calling you Kacchan, I will never know." Hanta added.
"Fucking zip it!" Katsuki turned to them.

"This is one of the reason why people call you the Dark Prince." Hanta shrugged.

The blond ignored him.

"For some reason, you're acting strange." Eijirou noted. "Like yesterday usually when Ochako visits you, you dismiss her."
"You mean he insults her then tell her to fuck off?" Denki draped his arm over Eijirou's shoulder.

"Yeah. Then suddenly you ran over to this stranger and hugged him like you've known each other all your life." Eijirou twitched his lips. "What's up with that?"
Katsuki ground his teeth. He doesn't want to bother answering them. None of them will understand anyway. How in the world will they understand?

When even him couldn't comprehend what's happening.

All he knew was he got to take Izuku and leave this place. The sooner the better.
But also he had to do it without ruining the life of his self in this world. He wasn't someone ordinary that could just bolt away. He's a fucking crowned prince which was the worst. Not only that Todoroki is the son of the General.

Katsuki had to think hard and fast.
Why does they have to be so politically involved in this world? It's fucking insane.

"Look," Denki pointed a bus out where Deku was sitting with Todoroki. They were talking and Deku was clearly crying.

Katsuki's eyes narrowed.

"Looks like they're fighting." Hanta hummed.
Katsuki balled his fists, he was ready to walk towards the vehicle when he saw the guy hugged Izuku gently. He cupped his face, wiping his tears away.

All the breath in his chest was knocked off at the sight of the guy, kissing izuku on his forehead.
He thought hard of it, back in their world, Izuku never dated anyone. Katsuki never saw him be that close nor intimate with anyone.

Todoroki pulled him on a hug. He was even caressing his back that it slowly lulled Izuku as he melted against the touch.
"Oh looks like Todoroki do care for him." Denki chided.

Eijirou gave a tired sigh, "Guys, those two had been together almost all their lives. Of course, Todoroki cared about him."

Katsuki turned to look at Eijirou. "They grew up together?"

The red-haired nodded.
"I heard he was sold to their family when he was just a kid and Todoroki liked him a lot so they kept him." Eijirou explained.

Their teacher started to call on to everyone. Katsuki kept his eyes on the bus where Izuku was now asleep while Todoroki held him close.
"If you glare harder, maybe the bus will be set alight." Hanta chuckled. Katsuki glared at him. "Let's go, Crowned Prince."

Katsuki didn't reply but just walked passed him towards their bus. Once he was settled on his seat, nothing left his mind.

Not Izuku. Not Todoroki.
Not the way the guy held Izuku close to him and kissed him.

Not the fact that the two of them grew up together.

If he was in his old world, that would have been him. The one who will be holding and comforting Izuku.

That thought made him froze. Katsuki quickly pushed it away.
They'll be friends and will grow up together but of course, he'll always be drawn to Ochako.

That's right.

The one he loves is Ochako.

The blond closed his eyes, to stop himself from thinking of anything else. All he needed to think about is the way back. That's it.
When he woke up, they were at the hotel where the class would be staying.

"Oh, St. Forsetti's going to stay here as well." Denki chuckled gesturing at the bus where Izuku and Todoroki stepped out.

"This would be fun!" Hanta laughed.

Katsuki kept his eyes on Izuku.
And as if sensing him, Izuku turned to meet his eyes.

"Meet me later." Katsuki mouthed. Izuku nodded before Shouto pulled him away.

"Kats," Eijirou looked at him worriedly. "I am not sure what's going on but it will be better if you don't get in between them."
"I am not getting in between anyone." Katsuki walked towards their teacher who was now distributing their key card.

The red-haired let out a long breath before following him while Denki and Hanta sniggered to themselves.

"Oh this indeed would be fun." Denki laughed.
Katsuki settled in his room. One benefit of being the prince was the special treatment. Not only was he granted his own room but it was also somewhere with tight security.

He quickly left as soon as he got his things in place as they would be going to another place for tour.
When he got outside, everyone was already at the bus and was only waiting for him.

The next stop was a huge old castle own by a feudal king once upon a time.

"Man, seems like UA and St. Forsetti have the same homework. We're literally on the same schedule." Hanta chuckled.
And on cue, Katsuki saw the other school's students poured in. His eyes automatically searched for Izuku and found him walking hand in hand with Todoroki.

The guy leaned towards Izuku to whisper something, making Izuku smile.

Katsuki felt his mood soured.
He felt bitter.

Izuku should also be thinking of a way to leave and not flirt with Todoroki. Yes, he's his alpha in this world and supposedly they like each other but there were just more pressing matter here than whatever the two of them have.
"Someone's in a bad mood!" Hanta teased.

Denki quickly put his arm over Katsuki's shoulder. "How much are you willing to pay us to distract, Todoroki?"

"Denki!" Eijirou protested.

"Shhh, I need to buy the new ps!" Denki grinned.

"How much do you want?" Katsuki asked.
"I'll give you the money instead, stop getting in trouble, geez." Eijirou shook his head lightly.

"I just need enough for the new ps and some games." Denki shrugged.

"Deal." Katsuki said making Denki smile wide, meeting Hanta's eyes.

"Thank you for availing my service!"
According to the dumbass, he will be signalling Katsuki if it's already okay.

After 20 minutes, he received a message saying he needed to go to the fifth floor. Katsuki doesn't know what's happening but he still went.

When he got there, he saw Izuku alone.
Katsuki walked to him. Without a word, he grabbed Izuku's wrist and jogged towards the fire exit.

"Kacchan," Izuku called but Katsuki just kept pulling him through the flight of stairs.

Before leaving the fire exit, he checked if anyone was looking.
Once the cost was clear, he quickly pulled Izuku away from the place, escaping the eyes of the teachers and even his assigned escort.

"Kacchan, where are we going?" Izuku asked, huffing.

"We're finding a way to get out of here." Katsuki said quickly running to the road.
He quickly hailed a cab, pushing Izuku inside before getting in. Once they're inside the cab, he instructed the driver to go to the train station. His hand still in Izuku's hand filling the gaps between the greenette's fingers.
Once they're at the station, Katsuki asked for Izuku's phone. He quickly turned it off and tossed it in one of the trash bin. He also turned his phone off but didn't throw it away. He quickly went to an atm and withdrew a huge amount of money.
Once set. He dragged Izuku to the nearest clothing shop where the bought new clothes, dumping their uniform away.

"Where are we going, Kacchan?" Izuku asked as Katsuki fixed his coat while waiting for the train.

"I don't know but we'll work on things."
Izuku didn't say anything and just looked at him. Katsuki then went back to holding his hand tightly as the train arrived.

He has a cap and mask on, yet his eyes never looked more red than they were that moment.

"Are you sure about this, Kacchan?" Izuku asked.
The blond turned to him, "Yes. I'm sure about this."

Izuku nodded tightly as they boarded the train, walking cart upon cart to find a place to stay and be alone.

They settled on a seat as Izuku opened the pamphlet he got to check on the train map with Katsuki.
They decided to switch route at the fifth stop and leave the trains after the sixth stop.

It took them some time but once they're out of the station they quickly hailed a cab which brought them into a cheap motel. It was better than hotels where they would asked for their ids.
The room wasn't that bad. It was decent if only the interior design was better. Katsuki inwardly cringed at the wallpaper not matching the pattern of the carpet. Everything functioned well and the room was bigger than he expected.

Izuku slumped on the bed, "What now?"
Katsuki sat on the edge of the bed. "I don't know. Maybe we could break things down and see if there's something we can figure out."

"Yeah." Izuku sighed.

"We have to go back to our own world. We can't mess with this one. This is not ours."
Izuku turned to face him. "Kacchan, what if I don't want to go back?"

Katsuki's brows furrowed. "Why wouldn't you want to go back?"

"It's not that I don't want. I'm just asking a hypothetical question."

"Deku, this is not our world."

"I know..."

"We have to go back."
"Will you stay with me here if I decided to stay?" Shuffled, he was now facing the ceiling.

Katsuki didn't answer. He knew they have to go back. Staying longer is dangerous. If they stayed, there could be a chance that they won't be able to leave.
"You know I won't leave you." Katsuki lied down next to him. Izuku scooted over until their shoulders were touching. "I will never leave you."

Izuku chuckled. "When we go back to our own world, you will leave me."

Katsuki turned to look at him.
"I won't leave you, dumbass. You barely know how to keep yourself alive."

Izuku laughed. "I never told you this but I remembered thinking about it when we were falling." A pause. "I like you, Kacchan."

Katsuki froze. He didn't expect Izuku would say that.
He knew how the guy felt about him but he was sure the only reason he confessed was because he waa drunk.

"I like you more than a friend." Izuku looked at him with a smile. "I know I shouldn't say that because you're dating Ochako but if something happened at least I told you."
"I could die having no regret." Izuku added.

Katsuki had known Izuku all his life. The guy had the biggest heart. He was willing to give every piece of him and was never selfish.

This would probably be his lone selfish act.
"Yeah," Katsuki's voice barely made it. "Thank you for liking me, Shitty Deku."

Izuku laughed only to wipe his tears away. "You're welcome, Kacchan."

Maybe in their next life, when Katsuki is better, when he deserved Izuku, he'll probably like him they way Izuku liked him.
"Ah, I'm tired, I think I need to sleep." Izuku shifted, his back facing the blond.

"Okay, sleep well." Katsuki looked at him.

Izuku nodded as he started hicupping. Sobbing softly to himself and Katsuki ached at the sight of him trying not to cry hard. Not to breakdown.
Was it cruel if he hold him now? Try his best to hold his pieces together so he won't shatter to the ground?

Fuck, Katsuki thought.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Without thinking, he pulled him on a hug making Izuku cry harder. "I'm okay. I will be fine after this." Izuku assured him.

"Don't apologize. For god's sake, Kacchan don't apologize." Izuku wiped his tears. "Don't make me feel worse. Let me feel this, let me have this. After all of this, once I am done, I am letting you go."

Katsuki held him tighter, biting his lips hard.
He's scared. He's scared of what Izuku meant about letting him go. He's scared of the fact that Izuku would let go of what he feels.

He's scared that after this, nothing will ever be the same. And he will be left alone to deal with the aftermath.

"Izuku," he weakly called.
"Don't worry, Kacchan, we'll figure it out. We'll get back to our world and everything will be the same." Izuku said, wiping his tears.

Katsuki nodded. "Let's go back together. Once we got back, everything will be better."

"Yeah." The greenette chuckled. "For sure."
Izuku turned to look at Katsuki. The blond nearly shattered at the sight of him crying. Gently, he wiped his tears away.

They moved closer and without noticing it Katsuki landed a kiss on his forehead. Pulling him closer to him. He just wanted to feel him, make sure he's there.
Just like that they fell asleep into each other's arms.

Katsuki woke up when he heard footsteps outside. He quickly stood up and peaked on the hole from their door. His heart raced when he saw men in suits.

Quickly, he shook Izuku awake, gesturing for him to stay silent.
Katsuki quickly checked the window of the motel they were staying. Good thing he got them a room on the ground floor. Opening it, he checked if the coast was clear.

"What's going on?" Izuku whispered.

"We need to leave." Katsuki said as he gathered their things.
The blond gestured for him to get out through the window which Izuku quickly followed. Once he was out Katsuki also jumped before closing the window gently. They then started to run away holding each other's hand.

"I'm scared." Izuku panted.

"It's okay, we'll be fine."
Luckily they were able to quickly get a cab which Katsuki asked to take them to the nearest motel. Once they found out they're not on that motel they would soon crowd the stations. It's better to stay on a different motel and wait it out.
The moment they're inside their new room, Katsuki let out a sigh. His eyes landed on the collar Izuku was wearing.

He quickly asked Izuku to removed the collar before he went outside and paid a driver to drop the collar somewhere near the train station.
When he got back inside, Katsuki wasn't prepared on how strong Izuku's scent would hit him that he almost fell weak on his knees. He was used to the alpha's scent since UA was made most of them.

He quickly grabbed his extra scent patch, placing it on Izuku.
"We'll be fine. Let's stay here for at least three days." Katsuki sighed, raking his hair.

"Kacchan is there something you are not telling me?" Izuku asked him smoothening his patch.

The blond looked at him, he pressed his lips on thin line.

He could barely think straight. All he could think about was Izuku's scent of lime basil and mandarin. His mouth watered at the thought.

Katsuki stood up, locking himself at the bathroom. "Fuck," he groaned. What the hell is wrong with him?

Cold shower. He needs a cold shower.
Izuku knocked on the door. "Kacchan, are you okay?"

"Yeah." Katsuki quickly answered. He stripped off his clothes, quickly jumping on the cold shower.

He took his time showering until he's finally thinking straight again.

When he got out, Izuku was lying on the bed.
And his brain went on a haywire. The long minutes under the cold shower was for nothing.

"Kacchan," Izuku sat down. Looking at him with those emerald doe eyes.

"Fuck." Katsuki sighed. "We're getting separate rooms."

"I don't think that's smart especially right now."
"Deku, I don't think staying in the same room is smart as well not when you're... You're... Just fuck, I will just get separate rooms." Katsuki was about to leave but Izuku stopped him.

"Kacchan, I don't want to stay on separate rooms please."

Katsuki swallowed hard.
"Izuku, it's fine. I'm going to be just one wall away. This is for you, dumbass." The blond said.

The greenette didn't respond, rather he just started to pant, his skin flushed from his cheeks to his ear down to his neck.

"Kacchan, somehow you smell really good."
Izuku was now in daze, he fell on the floor weakly.

"Fuck," Katsuki muttered as the greenette lazily remove his shirt off.

"It's hot." Izuku mumbled. "It smells so good," his voice was low. Alluring. Katsuki felt every control in him was escaping. Slipping.
"Kacchan," Izuku called, two arms reaching for him.

The blond swallowed hard. "Izuku, you have to stay here okay? Don't leave do you understand?"

"Kacchan, it's hot." He started kicking his pants off and he's already soaking and his scent just hit Katsuki at full force.
Katsuki quickly pulled Izuku up, throwing him on the bed, climbing on top of him.

Leaning down, he took Izuku's lips. Kissing him. The greenette wrapped his arms around his nape. Parting his lips, Katsuki slipped his tongue inside his mouth, tasting every corner.
Oh god, he tasted so good. So fucking good.

Izuku moaned against his mouth while Katsuki's moved southward, leaving burning trails behind.

"Kacchan," Izuku gasped. Katsuki kissed him deeper, his hand reaching it's target, slipping a digit into Izuku's wet hole.
Katsuki doesn't care anymore.

There was nothing in his head right now but the need to taste Izuku. To take him. To own him. To mate him.

Katsuki wanted to take every little thing Izuku has. All of it. He wanted every bit of Izuku.

"Deku," he breathed.
Once he let his instinct took over it was as if every shackles in him came of. He took Izuku, completely owning him. Kissing, biting, marking. He tasted and took him the way he never imagined he would.

Izuku was left helplessly crying his name as he made him his.
When Katsuki regained his senses back, he was welcomed by the strong scent of sex and his and Izuku's scent heavily intermingled with each other.

Sitting down, Katsuki paled as his eyes landed on the sleeping Izuku next to him filled with marks.

His stomach fell when he —
— caught a scent that wasn't his nor Izuku's.

A scent of milk and honey.

Holy fuck, Katsuki raked his hair, eyes widening in horror.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Izuku groaned next to him. The blond's heart was beating so fast.

He fucked up, he told himself. He fucked up.
Izuku fluttered his eyes open. His body hurt so much like he was thrown from the 20th floor of a building.

The greenette scrunched his nose from the heavy mix of scent.

"Hmm, it smells like milk and honey." Izuku mumbled as Katsuki choked next to him.
Memories of what happened flooded Izuku making him bolt up.

"No," he said breathless. "No. No. No. No."

"Calm down, Deku." Katsuki swallowed hard.

"No!" Izuku screamed, breathing went ragged.

"Just calm down," Katsuki held him. "Try to take deep breaths."
Izuku looked at him, horrified. Tears began to well up in the corners of his eyes. "Please tell me this is not what I think this is." His hands were shaking so much.

Katsuki held his hand, trying to stop him from shaking. He couldn't say anything. He doesn't know what to say.
"Kacchan, please." Tears rolled down his freckled cheeks. "Please tell me we didn't just do this."

"Deku..." Katsuki met his eyes.

"Kacchan!" Izuku exclaimed. "No! Fuck, tell me I am wrong! Please! Tell me this is not what it is."

Katsuki felt a lump in his throat.
Katsuki lifted his hand, pressing it against his lips, "It's okay, we'll work this out." He whispered. "We can think of a way to this."

"What are we going to do?" Izuku choked. "Kacchan, what are we going to do?"

Katsuki didn't answer. He wanted to cry. His chest hurts.
But he can't cry now. He got to stay strong. If he break now, Izuku will break.

Fuck. How could he let things go this far? Why didn't he stop? Why the fuck was it so hard to control?

Why did he do this?

"We'll work something out." Katsuki assured Izuku. Assured himself.
As their emotions crashed down, Katsuki lifted Izuku placing him on the tub. He gently help him wash up. They didn't talk, the only sound was the water and their bated breaths.

Izuku barely moved. He didn't say anything and just looked blankly.

"You don't even love me."
Katsuki looked at him. "Deku, you do know it's impossible for me not to love you. We've been together all our lives."

Izuku chuckled humorless, "You know that's not the kind love I am talking about, Kacchan."


"How can I do this to Ochako?" He cried.
Katsuki couldn't say anything as he held Izuku closer. He's just falling apart and Katsuki doesn't know what to do to stop him from shattering when it was all because of him.

"How could I do this to her?" Izuku sobbed. His voice was breaking.
Izuku cried and cried until there was nothing left. Katsuki held him through it. He didn't say anything, he didn't cry, he was just there holding him.

When he got tired, he lifted Izuku back to the bed, he dressed him up before he wrote a note saying he needs to buy things.
When he was out he finally allowed himself to cry. To feel the weight of guilt. To hurt. He allowed the guilt of cheating on Ochako to chew him and spit him out.

Once he pulled himself together. He shopped for food and clothes, patches and everything they need.
His eyes landed on a small stuffed toy and a pacifier. Distracted, Katsuki began walking on the aisle for baby supplies.

Grabbing one small bottle, he looked at it. It still felt unreal. Unreal that it was possible for him and Izuku to have a kid in this world.
Placing the bottle down, he saw a small toy for the baby. It was a huge plastic ring which had animals on it. Katsuki placed it inside the basket before he walked towards the cashier and paid for everything.

He needs to go back, Izuku might have woken up and hungry.
When he got back at the motel, Katsuki froze when he saw men in suits standing in front of their room.

Katsuki quickly walked passed them, ignoring how they bowed down to greet him.

When he got inside the bed is empty while Todoroki Enji stood in the middle of the room.
"Prince," he bowed down to Katsuki.

Katsuki dropped the plastic bags he was holding. "Where's Deku?"

Enji ignored his question, "The Empress sent me to find you. Play time is over, it had been a week, please go home."

"Where's Deku!?" Katsuki demanded.
Enji looked at his men. He then gestured for them to leave. They quickly followed, closing the door behind.

"You do realize how this could backfire to you and to the entire Royal Family."

"Ask me if I give a damn. Give me back my omega." Katsuki glared at him.
He could see the bigger guy flinched in his place and he barely used his commands.

"Prince, he's my son's omega." Enji reasoned out.

"No! He's my omega! Give him back to me."

"Please think this through. This will affect not just you but the whole royal family."
"I don't care!" Katsuki felt his rage rising. "I don't fucking care!"

Enji sighed. "He doesn't want to see you."

"You're lying!" Katsuki snarled.

"No, I'm not. How do you think we knew where you are?" Enji looked at him with pitying gaze. "He contacted my son."
"He was crying asking to be taken home." Enji added.

"You're lying..." Katsuki whispered. "That's a lie. Deku wouldn't just leave me..."

"I'm sorry," Enji pressed his lips on a thin line.

"No, I need to talk to him!" Katsuki was about to run outside but Enji stopped him.
The older guy held his arm, before hitting him hard on his nape putting him to sleep. He then called his men once the blond was limped against his hold.

Enji then began making calls, confirming that he had the prince and that he is safe and will soon be back to their mansion.
When Enji got back to his car, he met eyes with the crying Izuku who was restrained with a handkerchief tied over his mouth.

"I can't believe you are giving me all these stupid headache." Enji pulled a cigarette putting it between his lips and lighting it up.
"Well at least, Shouto would stop throwing a tantrum." The older guy sighed. "But the baby, I guess I could talk to the Empress about the child."

Izuku cried harder.

Enji roughly removed the handkerchief over his mouth.

"I'll do anything just let me keep the baby."
"Oh you will keep the child. This will let me get the whole royal family on their toes." Enji huffed a smoke out, making Izuku cough a bit. "Oh yeah, you should not be with a smoker since you're pregnant."

His phone rang while he twisted his cigarette out of life.
"Shouto," Enji greeted. He let out an inaudible sigh. "Yes, I have Izuku with me. He's coming home today so don't worry about it."

Izuku bit his lips hard. He has to find a way to escape somehow. He can't let this man use him as a living blackmail material.
Izuku swallowed hard. Katsuki didn't tell him that he was a prince in this world. Not just any prince but the crowned prince. He wasn't aware that Katsuki existed in this world. He had an inkling that he's part of the nobles but not the goddamn prince.
The drive was excruciatingly long. Izuku had fallen asleep and numbed in all of his limbs. He wanted to remove the restrains but couldn't do anything with them. Somehow he was still able ti sleep.

When he woke up, only hour away from the Todoroki estate, his restrains were gone
The moment they arrived, Shouto was impatiently waiting for them. Izuku got down of the car as the Alpha quickly enveloped him on a hug saying he missed him.

The greenette just braced himself knowing that the guy would get angry as soon as he found out what happened.
Izuku braced himself. He doesn't care what happens to him but he cares about the life in him.

"Izuku," Shouto gently called, caressing the back of his head. "Never do that again. Don't ever do that again, do you understand?"

There's something dark in his tones.


Katsuki regained his consciousness just 10 minutes away from the mansion where the royal family stays.

He tried to make the driver stop and made his protest known but his escorts kept their straight face.

Deku, he chanted in his mind over and over. He needs to get him back.
The gears in his head were turning, weaving plans on how he could get out of the place and go to the Todorokis. It will be a gamble because aside from this place the Todorokis would be the next one to have tight security.

Katsuki ground his teeth. It doesn't matter he needed —
— to go to Izuku. And he's ready to do just about anything.

His guards, quickly grabbed his arm dragging him inside the place. Katsuki quickly pushed them away, yelling that he could walk on his own.

The moment he got inside the house, he was welcomed by his parents.
Mitsuki marched towards him, landing a resounding slap across his cheeks. His skin quickly sang in pain.

"What the fuck were you thinking?!" Mitsuki yelled, her pheromones leaking in the air. Oh she was furious. Insanely furious.

Katsuki clenched his fists tight.
"Running away with a bound omega... Are you out of your goddamn mind?! And you chose not just any omega but the one who's bound to General Todoroki's son?!"

Omega. Alpha. General. Royal family.

Fuck this shit. Katsuki glared at her. This was not his world.
This is not where he fucking belongs.

"What is wrong with you?" Mitsuki was angry. "Answer me! Goddammit! You used to hate omegas! You won't even meet your fiancee! You fired every goddamn omega in this place and now you are losing your mind over one omega?"
"Get a fucking grip, Katsuki! You are a prince!"

Why did it have to be like this? He just wanted to accompany Izuku at the book store and now it all ended into this one huge mess.

"I am not a prince!" The blond snapped. "I am not a prince. I am not your son!"
Mitsuki looked at him with confusion.

"I am not from here!" Katsuki's breathing was short. He was shaking hard.

He wants to go back. Go back where it wasn't complicated. Go back where his only problem was the deadlines of his papers.

He doesn't want to be a fucking prince.
Mitsuki shut her eyes tightly, letting out a long sigh, "Just rest for now. Clearly you are not in the right head space. Dis you know how much trouble you caused because of this little game of yours?" Her red eyes darted on him.

Katsuki tried his best to regain his composure.
"No, you need to get Deku from the Todorokis." Katsuki met his mother's eyes.

"That is not going to happen, Katsuki." Mitsuki fought back. "This conversation is over. I don't want to hear anything ever again about this omega."

Katsuki's teeth clanked against each other.
"*Fucking listen to me old hag!*" Katsuki growled. Mitsuki's eyes widened as her knees gave in. The whole place nearly shook. His command ripped through the space bringing everyone to their knees.

"Listen to me," Katsuki balled his fists. "I need him back. I need Deku back."
Mitsuki stared at his son. He never really actively use his command. Not even when he was angry. Not even when he was beyond frustrated. Katsuki was aware of what he could do so he never used them.

The lady pushed himself up with the help of her servant. "We can't do that."
"You know the rule. If an omega is bound to some family, they have every power over him." Mitsuki sighed. "And you know how Enji is just looking for a way to completely take over our place."

"I don't care about the rules." Katsuki kept his gaze steady.
"I don't give a single shit about Todoroki Enji and his political agenda," The air turned icy cold. Heavy and tensed. "I want my omega back."

"Katsuki, you can have anyone you want why do you want him?" Mitsuki reasoned out.

"He's my mate."

The lady's eyes widened.
"For christ sake." Mitsuki could feel a headache coming.

"He's pregnant."

The woman turned to his son in complete disbelief. "What the fuck did you do?"

Katsuki's tone was eerily calm with finality, "I want him back. I want my omega back."

Mitsuki shut her eyes tightly.
The Empress took a deep breath, she turned to her servant, "Get me General Todoroki on the line." She then turned to his son. She wanted to stay mad but the fire in those red eyes reminded her so much of her own. "Get some rest. I will talk to General Todoroki."
Katsuki didn't say anything as he strode his way to his room. Once alone, he allowed himself to fall on the floor, leaning against his closed door.

He fucked up the whole thing, he bit his lips hard. This could mean that the General could ask almost anything he wanted.
Not only that, if him and Izuku get back to their original world. They'd leave their pup behind but it will also bound the him from this world to the Izuku from this world.

The him from this world was ruthless with an intense dislike of omegas. He couldn't speak fro Izuku —
— but somehow he had an inkling that the guy was genuinely in love with Todoroki Shouto.

If they switch place now, the him and Izuku of this world will suddenly be stuck in a union through a mating bound and a pup that they don't have a single clue how they had.
A knock came through his door.

Katsuki remained on his seat, "What is it?" He asked, pissed. He doesn't really have a tolerance for any presence right now.

"My prince, my name is Hagakure Toru, I am one of the royal servants." The lady spoke behind the door.
"What the fuck do you want?"

"Uhmm... I need to talk to you in private."

Katsuki clicked his tongue. "I don't have the fucking time."

"No! You don't understand! I was there when the earthquake happened at the book store!" Her voice was low, afraid someone will hear her.
Katsuki quickly stood up. Opening the door, he pulled her inside his room.

"Tell me everything." He glared at the lady who fidgeted on her spot.

Toru gave a nod, she started recalling what happened. How she went to purchase something then there was an earthquake.
"I wasn't alone in the book store, I went with my boyfriend and we both tried to leave but the floor just gave in. When I woke up I am here and I don't know what happen after some time I regain memories that are mine but not mine at the same time." The lady explained.
"I have been trying to find a way to get back." Katsuki sighed, raking his hair. "Have you thought of the reason why we're here and what the hell is this place?"

The lady shook his head. "I haven't. I don't know how we got here. All I know was it was probably the earthquake."
"How did you know I am not from here?"

"It's a risk I took, I just put things together of how strange you are and how different you were from the old prince but also because you told the Empress you are not from here." Toru shrugged. "I figured I could at least try."
Katsuki sighed. "Let's try to observe more and see how things play out maybe we can figure out how to go back."

The lady nodded. "But you know what? It bugs me so much how all of this seemed so familiar." Toru sighed. "It's like I have seen all of this before."
"What do you mean?"

"It just felt familiar. A prince, second genders. Somehow it felt like I knew all of this before. It even somehow felt nostalgic." Toru pouted, her brows furrowing as she kept thinking. "Did you feel that as well?"

"No." Katsuki answered.
Katsuki gave another sigh, "Just think about it and make sure to jot everything down. Go to me if you find something."

"Okay," Toru quickly excused herself, leaving him alone.

On his own, Katsuki started feeling antsy. His instincts screamed to find Izuku.
It was one thing for Katsuki to understand his secondary gender through the memories he was passed on but it's a whole different thing to experience them.

He couldn't barely understand things he does and he's sure Izuku is as confused as he was.
Sitting down, he began researching about what it means to be an Alpha, an omega, and a whole bunch of things about the secondary gender.

Katsuki recognized he knew all of it at the back of his mind but reading through things would help him understand it better.
He never really though how much it would affect him and Izuku. It felt weird that it did. That suddenly there was this changes in their bodies that they know but never fully understood until they were forced to succumbed into it.

The blond sighed, running his palm over his face
According to what he's reading mating is a lifetime commitment. Not only that, they needed to be together especially when the omega is pregnant. The pregnancy would be difficult for the omega with his or her mate.

Another concerning thing he found out is how he will slowly —
— lose himself to his instinct the longer he was away fr his mate and pup.

Meaning at one point, he could turn feral trying to get them back.

Katsuki could feel the need that boiled beneath his skin. Something in him just growled at him to find Izuku.
Cursing, he quickly left his room to talk to his mother. It can't wait he needed to see Izuku.

On his way he saw Toru waiting outside a room.

"General Todoroki is here." The lady said, nervous. "He's currently talking to the Empress."

Katsuki gave a tight nod.
Without a word, Katsuki entered the room bringing him a tensed silence. The eyes of all the adults were darted on him.

"I hope you are here to bring back Deku." Katsuki kept his eyes on Enji who's sitting next to his secretary Takami Keigo.

"I'm afraid not, Prince."
"Katsuki, stay out of this, we're trying to talk about it." Mitsuki sighed.

The blond ignored his mother. His instincts were in overdrive. He could barely think about anything but to see Izuku. Be with Izuku. And right now, the guy who took him was in front of him.
It took every bit of him to stop himself from just ripping him to pieces.

"What do you want?" Katsuki cut off the chase. He knew how the man had been trying to get the whole royal family to step down.

Enji gave a small smile making his jaw rigid.
"I think you had the wrong idea, there's nothing I really wanted." Enji said.

"Then why are you even here?" Katsuki narrowed his eyes.

"I am here to tell you and the Empress that I do not have any power over Izuku. And that he had been bound to my son."
The General gave a sigh. "And since Shouto is already of legal age, he has all the right to decide about Izuku's fate."

Katsuki clenched his fists tight. "Then I would need to talk to your son."

Enji nodded. "There's one problem."

"What?" Katsuki's brows furrowed.
"My son, doesn't want to negotiate and asked me to tell you that he would not hear any offer you make." Enji grinned.

Katsuki went completely silent.

"How about we find him a much suitable omega. I'm sure he wouldn't want someone who mated with another alpha." Mitsuki joined.
"Not to mention he's also pregnant." Mitsuki added, expression serious.

Katsuki knew his mother. She may be pissed at what happened but she was also fiercely loyal to her family.

"Shouto knew that but it didn't change his mind. He's willing to raise the kid as his own."
The tension doubled.

Enji stood up from his seat, "I believe that the Royal family would upheld the law. Have a pleasant evening." He bowed down before walking with his secretary trailing behind.

Katsuki grit his teeth. "*Stay*" his command ripped through the air.
The huge General felt himself halted. No one has ever made him follow a command. Enji had always been used to being immune against them and be the one who dish out commands that no one can seem to defy.

His eyes darted towards Katsuki who's glaring at him.
Enji gave a thoughtful hum. "Aren't you one of a kind, Prince Katsuki?"

"Where's your son? I will talk to him." Katsuki asked not breaking his gaze off the blue eyes that were looking down on him.

The General didn't answer which successfully pissed Katsuki off.
"*ANSWER ME, GODDAMMIT!*" The blond's voice filled the whole place.

Enji flinched at it yet chose to keep his face straight. "My son and his omega left the country as soon as Izuku went home."

Katsuki's front fell. He took a step backward, looking lost.
He glared back at the older guy, "Where did they go?" There was demand in his tone.

"I'm sorry, prince but I would not rather answer your question. My son didn't do anything wrong and he had every right to leave the country as he pleased."

Katsuki cursed inwardly.
"This is an entirely different situation, General Todoroki. We need to bring the omega back here because he is carrying a royal blood." Mitsuki stood up from his place.

"Your highness, if you may," Keigo joined the discussion. "I would suggest that we all forget this."
"What do you mean?" Masaru who had been quiet the whole time finally spoke. "Yes, the omega is bound to the Todorokis but he is mated to our son and is carrying his pup."

"That's the thing, Emperor. It would be a huge blow to the whole family if this thing got out." Keigo smiled
"The crown prince doesn't have the best reputation and the public is already skeptical about him being the next in line not only that it was also a public knowledge that he's betrothed to the daughter of the Prime Minister." Keigo explained. "You do understand my point, right?"
The Empress and Emperor went completely silent. Any argument they have went down the drain.

"Prince," Keigo turned to Katsuki who glared at him. "I understand how you feel about the whole situation but you have a responsibility over the family. Over the country."
Katsuki kept his face straight, "I also have a responsibility over Deku and my kid."

"Of course," Keigo smiled. "But would you throw them out in the fire in front of the whole country? I'm sure you won't. You know how everyone will see Izuku and your child after this."
Why was this so complicated? Katsuki just wanted to be with Izuku and find a way back to their own world.

"Please think wisely, Prince." Keigo continued. "Not only for yourself but for the Royal Family..." He trailed off, lips stretching on a wide smile. "Especially for Izuku."
Keigo turned to the Empress. "I'm sure you are all worried about the mating bond and how it could affect the Prince. I would be sending you the best doctor whom I trust with all my life. He would be able to help the prince through all of this."

"We will do the right thing," Keigo looked at everyone. "This whole thing will die here and no one else should know about this. We will do it for the Royal Family, for the country, for the peace, and of course for Izuku and the pup."

Katsuki swallowed hard.
Enji finally spoke backing up Keigo's words and suggestion. Telling everyone that it would be for the better.

Katsuki wanted to speak. Wanted to protest. Tell them he doesn't care about all of it. Why would he, this wasn't his world. This wasn't his responsibility.
Nothing made out of his lips. Not a single word. Not a single thought.

He was just standing there watching the adults wrap everything up with his mother offering assistance to the Todorokis but only for Enji to refuse, saying they could provide Izuku with everything he needs.
He barely knew what happened next and how he got back in the confines of his room, lying on his bed not being able to sleep and thinking of Izuku.

His confession. His cries. And the way his lips felt against his.

Katsuki cried to silently saying how he' think of another —
— way to get into him tomorrow. To deal with the whole mess tomorrow.

The blond was woken up by a familiar voice and a knock from his door. He dragged himself off the bed only to see Ochako smiling.

"Would you like to join me for breakfast?" The lady asked, smiling.
The guilt quickly took over Katsuki. His heart ached as it became harder to breath. With a muted nod, Katsuki agreed earning a sweet smile from the lady.

He excused himself fo change into new clothes before coming down to the dining hall where she was waiting.
According to her, she helped cooked the food. Katsuki praised her as he ate tasting nothing in his mouth. He felt numbed. Too numbed.

The guilt and pain was too much to bare. He tried to finish everything that he was offered until he could no longer do it.
Excusing himself, he went inside his room. Not really doing anything but just lying down, trying his best to sort out his thoughts and the millions ways that he could go through all these things.

Something in him just ache so much. Howling for Izuku but he tried to ignore it.
The doctor Keigo suggested came that afternoon. Katsuki barely paid attention. The guy talked about a lot of things but nothing stuck into his mind. All that registered were the pills he gave him to dull his instincts.

To stop him from looking for Izuku.
Katsuki didn't even look at the pills. Never bothered with them.

But as the day goes by, his instincts are going haywire. He barely slept. Something in his head kept urging him to leave. To look for Izuku. The longer he was away from the omega the more painful it was.
Mitsuki had to step in and talk to him.

She personally brought his lunch one day.

"Thought, you have some important shit to do." Katsuki grumbled, settled on his office chair, papers and books scattered on his table. He had been jotting down things about the world.
Theories he had been running in his mind. He looked disoriented, the dark circle under his eyes more prominent. And his pheromones clouded the whole room. It was hard to ignore but the mother persevered, tried her best to keep a straight face.
Katsuki stared at the tray of food the woman brought him.

"Katsuki," she gently called. "Listen, Izuku's doing great."

"How'd you know that?" The blond sneered, raking his hair. He looked so exhausted.

His eyes landed on the pills placed on a small ceramic plate.
Mitsuki grabbed her phone showing Katsuki photos that were sent to him by the Todorokis. "See, they're taking great care of him."

Katsuki's eyes brightened at the sight of Izuku sitting on the wooden floor, eating a slice of watermelon. Something in him ache. Clawing out.
Screaming to be let out.

He missed him. He missed him so much. He wanted to be with him, touch him, nuzzle him, assure himself that he's there. That they're together.

But he had thought hard of what he could have done for the past days and was still left empty handed.
"Izuku is taking the pills. It's safe for him and the baby. The pills help to slowly severe the mating bond." Mitsuki carefully said.

"The bond last forever." Katsuki stated.

The Empress nodded, "Yes, for the longest time but we found a way for it to not be like that."
A pause. "This pills do that. It slowly null the bond."

"I don't want it." Katsuki clicked his tongue. "I am finding a way to get Deku and my pup back."

Mitsuki felt her breathing hitch. "Katsuki, you are deteriorating... You have to take the pills."

"I am not taking it!"
"If you don't you will slowly lose yourself! Look at you!" Mitsuki took a deep breath. "Please, take the pills. Please... Do it for yourself. For Izuku. Keigo is right there will be nothing good if you kept pursuing him. He would just suffer. You know it."
The blond looked away from her. "If I have to give up my position, I would. I don't care."

"That's your instincts speaking. That's not really what you wanted?"

"What do you know about what I want?" Katsuki snapped.

Ah, he's so tired. He's so damn tired.
Was this his punishment? To yearn for Izuku so much that it kills him. To want him but never have him?

What the fuck did he did to deserve this?

"Katsuki," Mitsuki stood up, hugging her son close. "How about you get your strength back then we'll find away to get him."
Katsuki didn't say anything but he let his tears rolled across his cheeks. He cried silently.

He's so tired. He want to go back to his own world. And never deal with this anymore.

"We'll get him back, I promise. But first, you need to get stronger. You can do that right?"
Katsuki weakly nodded.

"Good," Mitsuki accompanied him as he ate and finally decided to take the pills that promised him will help him through the whole thing.

That's right. Nothing's going to happen if he sulk around. He needs to grow stronger and find a way.
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