I've remained quiet on my own timeline about this whole situation but I'm ready to speak up because the final straw aside from seeing the pictures of course was the fact that Rob Anderson admitted the pictures were his and used autism as his excuse. Nope. I'm done.
You don't use autism as an excuse for your bad behavior. You don't do that. I'm the mother of an autistic child and an educator of special needs children. Autism has never been and will never be an excuse for sexual assault or harassment. The man is a grown middle-aged man.
He's had ample life experience to learn what is appropriate and not appropriate in person and online. Whether the pictures that he sent were consensual or not, using autism as his excuse for not knowing whether it was right or not is disgusting.
I'm done. Just done.
I've been able to read his timeline now. What I'm even more mad at is the MANY female apologists. I want to throw my phone across the fucking room!
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