1/ Grateful to receive my #seconddose of #Moderna #vaccine today. My first dose on April 1, was easy and I had no side effects, except a slightly sore arm for the next day, but it quickly subsided.

I’m getting my vaccine because I care about my family, community and Nation.
2/ I also want everyone to know that #VaccinesAreSafe and #VaccinesWork .
Meegwetch to Taykwa Tagamou Nation Chief and Council and Health staff for your dedication and hard work.
3/ I also want to say thank you to @ONThealth & @PorcupineHU their collaborative and cooperative working relationship with #TaykwaTagamouNation and all #FirstNations in our region.
4/ Dr. Lee Boissoneau and I smudged ourselves and the #vaccine with sweetgrass. I appreciate that #CulturallySafe space has been provided me and all those who have requested.
5/ #Indigenous peoples & First Nations are a priority under #NACI guidelines due to social determinants of health, incl., overcrowded housing, poor access to health care, underlying health conditions...that means that we’re collectively high risk for tragic outcomes from #COVID19
6/ Finally, I acknowledge that @ONgov got it right for the First Nations vaccine roll out. During this #pandemic, we have built a strong relationship w/ the full #Ontario Cabinet especially @fordnation @celliottability @GregRickford. Together we preserved health & saved lives.
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