What do New York, Boston, Greece and Iceland have in common? They're open for travel. A thread.
New York & Boston: Now you can visit quarantine-free and fly direct to the European destinations below. (2/5)
Greece: Daily JFK-ATH flights return May 28, and new ATL-ATH service launches July 2. With proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within 72 hours of arrival, you can get to Greece this summer. http://dl.aero/6006VYwzr  (3/5)
Iceland: Flights from BOS-KEF are OTW May 1. No need to quarantine upon arrival if you present proof of vaccination and receive a negative PCR test upon arrival. http://dl.aero/6008VYwKM  (4/5)
Check out our interactive map to see where else we're flying and the latest travel restrictions: http://dl.aero/6010VYe1m  (5/5)
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