I don’t believe what’s for you will find you if you’re patient. I never really have.

I think you have to go and find it. If you do not you will never get it.
I also don’t believe that everyone has a different time frame when things will happen for them.

I believe people make things happen for themselves once they actively make good decisions consecutively.
So if you sent a goal of being a millionaire by 30 and you hit 30 and you’re no where close, you should accept that you haven’t taken the correct active decisions to hit that marker.
You’ve failed in that goal. Now that isn’t a bad thing, but you should accept that you have failed and evaluate.

See where your decisions haven’t aligned with your goal, change and set a new goal.
What I don’t think you should do is pretend you didn’t fail and that your time will come.

It’s within your control, change something and go again.

In my opinion anyway
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