I think @elonmusk is often misunderstood. He doesn’t really care about stock price, pleasing shareholders, or titles. Rather he’s intensely focused on the most audacious goals of moving human progress forward. https://twitter.com/squawksquare/status/1387438647386034181?s=20
I think Elon cares about stock price to the extent that it doesn’t hurt the company (ie., low SP in 2018-2019 cause high dilution & additional risk).

But now Tesla is self-sustaining company & isn’t dependent on capital markets, I think Elon barely cares about stock price.
Ironically though with huge audacious goals Tesla is pushing the envelope trying to deliver 1.5m Model Y vehicles in 2023, which if comes to reality would boost TSLA stock price tremendously. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1387523708458254337?s=20
Elon’s also given clues of how confident he is that NHTSA will approve Tesla’s autonomous driving features based on the data. This is hugely bullish for Tesla since no other auto maker has the data Tesla has. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1387532802116173825?s=20
Overall, misunderstanding over @elonmusk and Tesla provides an opportunity for those who can see beneath the surface of things, and bet alongside one of the greatest entrepreneurs/engineers ever.

I share more thoughts on this in this video.
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