Today is Joe Biden's 100th day as President with a majority in both the House and Senate.

Here is the most comprehensive thread on how, like Trump, he has failed us thus far. ⤵️ 1/
Despite being dragged into office on the back of last summer's protests led by black activists, Biden has largely ignored #BlackLivesMatter and their policy demands since their inauguration. 2/
Biden, who oversaw the militarization of our police as VP, promised very minor reform by executive order in week one. It never came.

Instead, he's now transferring even more weapons to cops at a faster rate than Trump had been. 3/
US police have more money than every military in the world but ours and China's.

Yet Biden ignores calls to #DefundThePolice, and is set to sign a bill in George Floyd's name that 1) would not have saved his life, and 2) gives cops $750 million more to investigate themselves. 4/
But when it comes to giving money to average people, Biden fails again.

Trump sent $1,200 and $600 checks. Days after the latter had already arrived, Biden promised a third check for $2,000.

But inexplicably, Biden sent only $1,400, and to 17 million fewer people. 5/
Biden has refused to stimulate the economy and cut the black-white racial wealth gap from 12-1 to 5-1 by forgiving student debt with the stroke of his pen.

Instead, he sided with Betsy DeVos against students she defrauded. The sliver in this graph is what they won back. 6/
Despite running as the only one pragmatic enough to "get stuff done," Biden couldn't even lead his House and Senate majorities in delivering the long overdue and massively popular $15/hr minimum wage that he promised.

https://twitter.com/demswatchdog/status/1368644246476103684 7/
While Biden was telling us he'd fight for a raise for 30 million Americans, he was behind the scenes telling other politicians he'd already given up.

Biden could've had the parliamentarian overruled or even fired, but he simply chose not to even try. 8/
Though Biden claims he "cut childhood poverty in half," he set these temporary benefits to expire in just 8 months, and his plan actually reduces the rate of relief Trump had already been sending to the working class and elderly.

Biden must do more, and make it permanent. 9/
Despite the worst health crisis in modern history, Biden has apparently abandoned his promise to deliver a public option (that you'd still have to buy into).

Instead, he has enriched private health insurance corporations with millions of your tax dollars. 10/
Biden has the power to greatly expand Medicare, and the majority of Democrats, Republicans, and Americans total would support him doing so.

But instead, he's even abandoned his horribly inadequate pledge to lower the eligibility age to just 60. 11/
Biden, who claims joining the rest of the world in guaranteeing your right healthcare is unrealistic, has sworn he'll cure cancer instead. There's been no real progress made toward this either. 12/
As for Covid, Biden caused thousands of Americans to die unnecessarily when he rejected experts' calls for a nationwide shutdown in favor of continuing Trump's failed containment strategy.

Biden didn't even try to push for the nationwide mask mandate that he promised. 13/
In a particularly cruel move, Biden has broken his promise to ensure no patent protections block vaccine production in other countries.

Not only has this condemned millions to die while new variants develop, but it's allowed Big Pharma to exploit Covid stricken nations. 14/
Though he's since been pressured into ending the ban on exporting raw materials needed to produce vaccines, Biden blocking India's access for so long allowed the pandemic to spiral out of control to the point where deaths are higher now than they've ever been before. 15/
The number of migrants coming to our southern border has increased due to Biden campaigning on the lie that he would treat them better than Trump did.

But despite his promise to raise the number of refugees accepted, he's breaking records for allowing the fewest in. 16/
Biden hasn't just broken his pledge to halt deportations, he's actively increased ICE's power and funding, and is using Trump's orders to deport even more migrants than he did.

When a judge temporarily blocked one moratorium it did not require Biden to schedule deportations. 17/
The 300,000+ people Biden has deported in his first 100 days include asylum seekers, a witness needed to testify in the case of a mass shooting, and black migrants who were deported during #BlackHistoryMonth . 18/
Not only has Biden continued the cruel practice of separating migrant families in several forms, the children he has caged alone in camps often aren't even allowed to call their parents. 19/
Biden is reopening several of the inhumane, for-profit concentration camps that had already been closed under Trump, including one Kamala Harris blasted for "human rights abuse." 20/
Biden is putting migrant children in overcrowded, unsanitary cages without food or sunlight for far longer than the legal limit.

He replaced some of the chainlink fencing with solid plastic curtains to improve public perception, which just decreases ventilation during Covid. 21/
Worryingly, Biden appears to be covering up what his administration is doing at the border, as he's chosen to block media coverage by cracking down on press access that even Trump had allowed. 22/
It's a lie that Biden haplessly inherited this from Trump. Biden is just "back to normal."

As VP, Biden deported more people than Trump, built the cages that separated kids were thrown in w/o toiletries, and detained asylum-seekers as a deterrent.

https://twitter.com/democracynow/status/1327507056295890944 23/
Biden hasn't even kept his promise to stop building Trump's border wall. Instead, he has continued seizing people's land for construction. 24/
Biden has broken yet another promise by choosing to keep banning those impacted by Trump's "Muslim Ban," despite admitting it's a "morally wrong" thing to do. 25/
Biden could've atoned for the damage his War on Drugs causes by legalizing and expunging the cannabis convictions imprisoning disproportionately black and poor users.

Instead, he fired his own staff (but not Harris), for past legal use they were tricked into divulging. 26/
After working with leading segregationist Strom Thurmond to pass racist mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses in the '80s, Biden won votes for President by promising to eliminate them.

But now in office, he's pushing to extend Trump's even more extreme version. 27/
In a Trumpian act of hypocritical nepotism, Biden shielded his own children from facing any criminal consequences for their own drug abuses.

Hunter is now set to use the POTUS platform to profit off of a book deal chronicling his cocaine addiction, while others stay jailed. 28/
Biden promised to "eliminate" Trump's tax cuts for the rich, but now he's largely preserving them.

Biden also abandoned his pledge to increase the estate tax, and he's proposing a conservative top marginal tax rate that's lower than it was for the majority of modern history. 29/
Biden claims to "believe in science," but unfortunately for us, he's chosen to ignore it anyway.

Whether it's oil drilling or pipelines, fracking or military expansion, Biden has already done far more to harm the environment than his symbolic concessions can mitigate. 30/
The US was already spending more on war than the next 10 nations combined.

Now Biden's chosen the director of an arms manufacturer to be defense secretary, and is even demanding $21,000,000,000 more than Trump's bloated military budget. 31/
The same day he falsely claimed the rules blocked $15/hr, Biden didn't let the Constitution stop his bombing Syria w/o congressional authorization - an impeachable offense in his words.

This + sanctions also hurt chances of saving the Iran Deal he broke his pledge to rejoin. 32/
Biden once cheered deploying "badasses" to "shoot and kill people" in Afghanistan. Then he vowed to leave in 2014.

Now he says he'll withdraw official troops by 9/11, but continue fighting through private contractors and airstrikes, while he also expands the war in Iraq. 33/
Biden broke his vow to stop funding the genocide in Yemen when he approved Trump's arms deal w/ the UAE.

Biden also follows Trump in sending billions in unconditional military support to Israel, while blocking efforts to prosecute the war crimes they commit w/ those weapons. 34/
Biden mirrored Trump yet again when he failed to uphold his pledge - and US law - by refusing to ban the Saudi prince responsible for murdering journalist Jamal Khashoggi. 35/
Biden's foreign policy in South America has been no different from Trump's, either.

His administration is supporting both the failed pupped Trump attempted to install by coup in Venezuela, and the fascist insurrectionists that Trump backed in Bolivia as well. 36/
Biden has allowed Louis DeJoy, the Trump appointee sabotaging the USPS, to remain in power, instead of pushing to have him fired. 37/
Biden vowed to repeal the anti-choice Hyde Amendment, which he'd previously voted for 50+ times.

But since his inauguration, Biden has put religion over reproductive rights, refusing to even say the word "abortion." 38/
In a particularly Trump-like move, Biden has hypocritically called for the resignation of Andrew Cuomo over his sexual assault allegations, yet has faced no accountability for the accusations against himself that even his own VP believes are true. 39/
Biden has kept at least one promise throughout his first 100 days in office:

"Nothing would fundamentally change."

Unfortunately, besides superficial symbolism and empty decorum, not much has fundamentally changed at all. 40/
Despite all of this, Biden maintains 85% favorability w/ Democrats, just like how the MAGA cult refuses to criticize Trump.

It's time to break through blind partisanship. Bad things are still bad when your candidate does them.

Will Dems find the courage to say so? 41/41
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