Have you ever.....A THREAD OF QUESTIONS

Have you ever regretted on any decision of your in your life so badly?
Have you ever Defended yourself even after knowing you are wrong in that equation?
Have you ever felt that a wrong choice made you have suffer?
Have you ever felt bad that Why YOU ARE YOU?
Do you know your bad qualities? If so then what are those?
Do you want to share anything but you keep to yourself as you find hard to vent out all emotions?
Have you ever faked a smile but deep inside you were feeling like cry. I mean literally cry?
What kind of person you are?
Emotional or carefree? Do you find any advantage in your quality you possess?
Worst nightmare of life? And most beautiful dream of life?
Have you ever regretted why you joined Twitter ? Have you ever regretted of emotional attachments here?
Describe this place in your words?
What about this thread?
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