We've heard that SOME of you haven't been keeping yourselves clean 👀

With personal hygiene more important now than ever, it's time to clean up your act 🚿

Do you wash your bed sheets more than once a year?
🚹 22% of men don't change their underwear every day
🚺 18% of women don't change their underwear every day

And we can only imagine that those numbers have increased due to a year of lockdowns

But we need to get better at it, for the sake of our health https://metro.co.uk/2020/10/10/22-of-men-dont-change-their-underwear-daily-heres-why-thats-dangerous-13386516/
Allow us to direct you to the inspiration behind this thread c/o @Oloni 👇

Read at your peril 🤢 https://twitter.com/Oloni/status/1387478503046647809
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